Executive infrastructure protection risk management services
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A Joint Venture. Executive infrastructure protection & Risk management services. OSI Infinity , LLC MAIN OFFICE (HUB ZONE) 605 Maratta Road Aliquippa PA 15001 412-916-0876(C). OSI Infinity, LLC Team. Robert E. Oakley, Jr. PI- COO, Forensic Investigator

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Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

A Joint Venture

Executive infrastructure protection& Risk management services

OSI Infinity, LLC


605 Maratta Road

Aliquippa PA 15001


Osi infinity llc team
OSI Infinity, LLC Team

  • Robert E. Oakley, Jr. PI- COO, Forensic Investigator

  • Grant W. Farmer PE – CEO Civil & Mechanical Engineer

  • Ryan Staab -Owner of GTS security training / Federal & Local Law Enforcement

  • Diane Hullings – Engineering Consultant, Vet Tech SDVOSB Partner

  • Paul Harris – President, St. Moritz Security Services

  • George Dudley– CFO

  • Rich Trela – Owner and Operator of Homeland Security/ Strategic Alliance Partner

With over 125 years of combined experience, OSI Infinity’s (OSI) team brings a variety of skills ranging from engineering, forensic, and private investigation to security guard services.

About us
About Us

  • Located in a HUB ZONE

  • Verified Veteran Owned Small Business(VOSB)

  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

  • Small Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

  • 50+ years combined experience offering a wide range of risk management-forensic engineering services that can be combined to provide a unique, tailored project approach.

Osi expertise
OSI Expertise

  • Risk Management

  • Security Assessments and Audits

  • Force Protection and Standoff Security

  • Forensic Investigation

  • OSHA Code Review

  • Life Safety Code Examination

  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • Safety Engineering

  • Disaster Response and

  • First Responders

Project examples
Project Examples

GSA – Advanced Metering/Risk Management Services Federal Court House, Erie PA Federal Post Office & Courthouse, Pittsburgh PA Moorhead Federal Building, Pittsburgh PA

Security Assessments/ Risk Management Services

9 Ward, Make It Right Project – New Orleans LA PHA Housing Project, Philadelphia PA Summit Realty – Riverport, Lehigh Valley PA St Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem PA

Project examples continued
Project Examples continued

Disaster Emergency Response Hurricane, Tornado damage assessment in conjunction with FEMA/PEMA & OSHA

Other related Government Projects

Background investigations/Risk Management Services Federal Level: USIS, USDA, FBI, Museums & Parks State Level: MD, PA, LA, OH


OSI investigates building explosions, collapses, and crane failures. OSI is also trained to perform deconstructive analysis.


OSI performs investigations associated with many different types of natural disasters including fires, tornados, hurricanes and floods.

OSI also performs investigations associated with explosions, electrical failure, gas leaks and arson.

Training certification
Training & Certification

  • PA Department of General Services

  • Arson Investigation

  • Private Detective

  • Level 1 Homeland Security

  • Tactical Defense Instructor

  • Baton Certified Instructor

Security risk management services
Security & Risk Management Services

  • Security Guards

  • Security Training

  • Risk &


  • Force Protection & Standoff Security

  • Security Reporting

Security risk management
Security & Risk Management

Security Equipment & Installation

Security training
Security Training

Certified Instructor

  • Firearms

  • Defensive Tactics

  • First Responder

  • Force Protection

  • Weapon Defense

  • Technical Rescue

Advanced Law Enforcement, Military, Security, and Fire & Rescue professional training

Architecture engineering
Architecture & Engineering

Our national strategy takes the uncertainty out of the risk assessment

equation and provides custom security solutions for every scenario.

OSI works in conjunction with Homeland Security and has

developed comprehensive risk assessment tools, symbology, and protocols

to analyze and assist in the deployment of security enhancement procedure

and equipment. The fore mentioned items help many companies by:





Surety Bonds

Background investigation
Background Investigation

  • Driver’s License

  • Drug Screen

  • Extensive Criminal Record Check

  • Personal Background Investigation

  • Employment History Investigation

  • Medical Background History

  • Proof of Completion of High School or GED

  • One on One Interview with Co-workers and Supervisors

Construction management
Construction Management

  • Reconstruction

  • Cost Evaluation

  • Replacement Cost

  • Project Coordination

Mission statement
Mission Statement

OSI will provide exceptional expertise and multi-disciplined solutions for protection, improvement, and resolution of local and global business situations involving security, forensic investigations, infrastructure protection, and risk management; as well as audits and assessments.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

OSI/Homeland Intelligence Technologies, Inc - V.T.

Systems, Inc. Concurrent Technologies Corporation -

Fortress Technologies, Inc. and The Congressman C.

W. Young Star-Tech Technology Center

Presents 9th Ward First Responder Protection & Levee Engineering

Consulting Services

ECHO, New Orleans, in Liaison with the City of New

Orleans, the Louisiana National Guard, the Pitt-Jolie

Foundation, and the Make it Right Nine Foundation

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

St moritz corporate profile
ST. MORITZ CORPORATE PROFILE Fortress Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Distinction

A Top 25 US Security Company

(Security Letter Vol. XXXV, No. 11, Part II)

Corporate Size

 Employs over 1,500 Security Officers

 50,000 Weekly Security Officer Hours

 Licensed to Provide Security Services in Twenty-three (23) States,

including Washington, DC

 Twenty-four (24) Regional & Branch Offices in fourteen (14) States

 National Network of 2,000 Police Officers

 International Network of 400 Contracted Security Companies

Corporate Background

 Incorporated in June 1982

 CEO/Owner: Philip L. St. Moritz

 President/COO: Paul Harris

 $49 Million in Gross Sales (2010 Fiscal Year)

 D & B Rating: 3A2

Insurance Coverage

 $7 Million General Liability Per Occurrence

 $11 Million General Liability General Aggregate

 $1 Million Employee Dishonesty

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Our Company Is Growing! Fortress Technologies, Inc.

We have achieved tremendous growth over the past twenty-nine (29) years and we project a continued rapid growth over the coming years through entering additional top metropolitan markets, continuing the marketing and development of our services, and pursuing strategic acquisitions.

Office Locations

St. Moritz maintains Regional Offices in the following major metropolitan markets:

Atlanta, GA Dallas, TX Pittsburgh, PA Boston, MA

Las Vegas, NV San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA

Costa Mesa, CA Cleveland, OH Miami, FL Tampa, FL

Columbus, OH New York City, NY Washington, D.C. Scottsdale, AZ

Philadelphia, PA


St. Moritz holds security licenses in the following states and districts:

Arizona Illinois New Jersey South Carolina

Arkansas Maryland New York Tennessee

California Massachusetts North Carolina Texas

Connecticut Nevada Ohio Virginia

Florida New Hampshire Pennsylvania West Virginia

Georgia Louisiana Washington, D.C.

What makes st moritz different
WHAT MAKES ST. MORITZ DIFFERENT? Fortress Technologies, Inc.

We Are an American Owned Company

The security industry has experienced a major transformation over recent years during which

several of the leading U.S. security companies have been acquired by foreign entities.

St. Moritz is 100% American owned by Phil St. Moritz, who is a lifelong Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania resident.

Our Dispatch Center

Many companies claim that they are responsive to their clients’ needs, but St. Moritz believes

that “actions speak louder than words”.

We have invested considerable capital in the development and maintenance of a twenty-four

(24) hour state-of-the-art Dispatch Center to ensure that our management team is able to

respond to our clients’ needs at any time. Our Dispatch Center handles over 18,000 calls per


Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Our Impressive List of Networks Fortress Technologies, Inc.

St. Moritz has compiled a national network of over 2,600 police officers to perform jewelry escorts, special event guard functions, and executive protection assignments.

In addition to the police officer network, St. Moritz utilizes in excess of 400 contracted affiliate security companies to assist us in fulfilling our national contract obligations.

Commitment to Service

St. Moritz has experienced tremendous growth since our inception which we attribute to a total commitment to servicing our clients and a flexible management style that enables us to customize our service to meet our clients’ needs.

Some of St. Moritz’s initial customers in 1982 are still our customer today, which attests to our ongoing commitment to service.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

One Source Solution Fortress Technologies, Inc.

The St. Moritz Divisions, along with our teaming with other like-minded service oriented affiliates, have enabled St. Moritz to provide national and international coverage for many of our clients.

Teaming with affiliates, who can provide additional security related services, allows St. Moritz the capability to offer our clients a complete menu of security services. St. Moritz has truly become a one-source solution for many of our clients.

We Are Proactive

We understand that, if we are to provide a high quality service, we must obtain feedback from our clients. We do this on a regular basis as part of our highly successful Service Assessment

Program. Clients are contacted on a regular basis and asked to respond to questions concerning our performance and these responses are used to address any issues or commendations.

St moritz divisions
ST. MORITZ DIVISIONS Fortress Technologies, Inc.

Guard Service Division

 St. Moritz has built a solid reputation of quality based on the high level of customer service

provided by our security officers and the responsiveness of our management team.

 We provide security guard service for all types of facilities including:

Condo & Apartment Complexes, Financial Institutions, Educational Facilities, Corporate

Headquarters, Manufacturing Facilities, High Rise Office Buildings, Entertainment Complexes,

Healthcare Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Various Government Contracts.

 St. Moritz has twenty-four (24) Regional Offices and Branch Offices and is licensed to provide

security guard services in twenty-three (23) states, including the District of Columbia. Where we

are not licensed to provide guard service, we utilize our network of affiliates.

 KEVIN SMITH is Sr. Vice–President – Marketing and Operations. Kevin has been with

St. Moritz since 1989 and has been in his current position since 2001.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Loss Prevention Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 St. Moritz believes the best way to provide security services for specialty retailers is to partner

with former industry executives, who understand the challenges facing specialty retail firms, and

to utilize their experience and background to assist our clients in overcoming these challenges.

 We are proud to offer a unique list of services that have been designed to be flexible, affordable,

and compatible in today’s retail environment.

 St. Moritz is the leader in identifying and training a unique type of service employee for whom the

expectations are always set high by our clients, who themselves are challenged by a demanding


 We are proud to list the following among our current clients: Cartier, Chanel, Versace and


 ROBERT BUCKLEY is Vice President – Loss Prevention. Bob has over 20 years of

security/law enforcement experience, most recently managing multi-unit mixed commercial use

and financial high-rise environments developing and implementing life safety and physical

security procedures. Bob has an extensive background as a Security Director for large retailers

specializing in external/internal investigations and apprehensions, shortage reductions, credit

fraud and operations. Bob is a licensed Private Investigator in Las Vegas, certified in interview

and interrogation techniques and a former special Police Officer in Massachusetts.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Special Events Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 This Division operates out of Las Vegas and specializes in providing security for Special Events, and personal protection for high profile celebrities.

 St. Moritz provided over 300 officers for the 2009 Academy Awards for a two-week period.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Jewelry Escort Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 The St. Moritz Jewelry Escort Division is a highly specialized division that provides jewelry representatives with armed protection while transporting diamonds and other precious jewelry.

 We provide this service in all U.S. states and Canada.

 In order to provide the level of protection necessary, St. Moritz has developed a network of over 2,600 active and retired police officers in every major city across the United States and Canada.

 Through vigilance and attention to detail, St. Moritz has performed over 1,200 escorts per month since 2000 without incident.

 MIKE COOPER is the National Director – Jewelry Escort Division. Mike has been in charge of the Jewelry Escort Division since 2003. He has been a national coordinator since 1995. Mike is a former US Army military intelligence agent.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

Federal Contracting Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 Homeland security has emerged as an unprecedented concern in today’s world. With new threats being identified every day, the Federal Government has developed a need for quality security providers.

 St. Moritz created the Federal Contracting Division to market our full-service security solutions directly to the Federal Government.

 St. Moritz is listed on the GSA Schedule.

 Some of our current federal contracts include: FAA Pittsburgh, Pa., VA Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, and the George Bush Library and Museum Complex, College Station, TX.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

National Services Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 The National Services Division provides security services for clients on a corporate-wide basis across the U.S. and Canada.

 Our largest national client is AutoZone, for whom we provide emergency on call coverage for their stores throughout the US.

Executive infrastructure protection risk management services

ATM Division Fortress Technologies, Inc.

 The St. Moritz ATM Division is a specialized division providing armed escorts for ATM repair technicians to ensure a safe and secure perimeter environment for front end servicing of the ATMs.

 These armed escorts are requested by the ATM repair technicians through the St. Moritz Dispatch Center, which handles a volume of over 13,000 technician requests per month.

 St. Moritz is currently providing armed escorts for ATM repair technicians throughout the United States, Canada, and Guam.

 We currently provide this service on a national basis for the two leading manufacturers of ATMs – Diebold and NCR.

 St. Moritz was presented with the “Award of Excellence for Outstanding Performance in Customer Service” by NCR.

 MARK SHERATSKY is the Vice President – ATM Escort Division. Mark was instrumental in creating the ATM Escort Division in 2001 and has been in charge of the Division since. He has over 36 years of experience in the security industry and 15 years specific to the ATM security industry.

Additional services
Additional Services Fortress Technologies, Inc.

Through our affiliation with Eagle Security Group, a security firm comprised of former FBI Agents, St. Moritz can offer our clients a wide range of additional security related services including:

 Risk Assessments

 Executive/Celebrity Protection

 Comprehensive Investigations

 Crisis Management

This Group has international capabilities and many years of experience, that can be very beneficial to our clients.

We also have affiliations with firms that can provide alarm and CCTV systems, and remote monitoring

St moritz corporate structure
ST. MORITZ CORPORATE STRUCTURE Fortress Technologies, Inc.


Phil St. Moritz (CEO & Owner). Phil is the sole owner and Chief Executive Officer of the St. Moritz

Group that includes: St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. (since 1982), St. Moritz Building Services, Inc.

(since 1968), St. Moritz Labor Services, Inc. (since 1997), St. Moritz Marine Service, Inc. (since 2003), St.

Moritz Services, Inc. (since 2006), St. Moritz Properties, LLC (since 2002) and St. Moritz Boardwalk

(since 2010).

Paul Harris (President & COO). Paul has been the COO of St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. since

its inception in 1982. He is a former FBI Special Agent, with over 44 years of experience in private


Brian Fiscus (CFO). Brian has been the Chief Financial Officer of the St. Moritz Group since 2002. He

is a CPA with fourteen (14) years of experience.

Corporate Headquarters

4600 Clairton Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA 15236