REE PRCH and Legacy Systems
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REE PRCH and Legacy Systems Shutdown Plan. Acquisition Policy. Infrastructure and Security. Procurement Systems. IAS. Business & Operations Processes. Change Management. IAS Program Management. Interfaces.

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Ree prch and legacy systems shutdown plan

REE PRCH and Legacy Systems

Shutdown Plan









Business &









March 31, 2006 Washington, DC


  • IAS is a mandatory USDA-wide procurement system and replaces the USDA Purchase Order (PRCH) system and all agency Legacy Procurement systems.

    • PC-PRCH

    • CATS

    • Others (AD-700 Form Systems)

  • The Purchase Order System (PRCH) will be shutdown for new obligations when REE begins the use of the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) on June 5, 2006.

  • Documents will NOT be automatically converted from PRCH to IAS.

  • Defining the PRCH Transition Period.

    • REE will no longer be able to enter new transactions in PRCH after May 26, 2006.

    • PRCH will remain open to REE for six months after IAS Go-Live to close out existing PRCH transactions.

    • Transactions from FY ‘05 and earlier cannot be reconstructed into IAS.

    • Only existing obligations can be reconstructed into IAS during FY’06.

Prch shutdown strategy
PRCH Shutdown Strategy

  • Identifying Transactions to be Closed in PRCH

    • REE will review open transaction reports from PRCH to identify documents that can be closed out or are in need of some other interim management.

    • PRCH 33 reports will be distributed to budget managers, funds managers, and contracting staff.

    • Responses will be due back by April 28, 2006 or earlier for closeout of obligations in accordance with recommendations.

    • For all purchase order types, users will de-obligate all FY ‘06 and older transactions in PRCH.

    • Contract renewals that will extend beyond the final REE shutdown date of 12/01/2006 are the only candidates for reconstruction in IAS. This will be manually performed by the user of record.

Prch shutdown strategy continued
PRCH Shutdown Strategy (continued)

  • Implementation to IAS

    • Once REE implements IAS, the user profiles of all PRCH users from REE will be changed to prevent the creation of any new PRCH transactions that obligate funds.

    • All new transactions will be created in IAS beginning June 5, 2006.

    • For the following six months, agency staff are encouraged to close out as many PRCH transactions as possible, managing against the PRCH open obligation report. Users may modify to de-obligate funds or cancel orders.

    • Once the PRCH clean-up period has elapsed, all remaining open procurements in PRCH and the associated obligations will be managed manually via paper record for the procurement documentation, and via direct entry into FFIS for financial transactions. This procedure includes cancellations and modifications.

  • Managing Legacy Transactions Beyond the PRCH Transition Period

    • It is possible an agency will not be able to close all open obligations (e.g., 40, 41, 42,and 43 types) in PRCH prior to the end of the PRCH transition period.

    • Once access to PRCH has been removed, procurements may be processed in accordance with the PRCH Shutdown Transition Matrix.

Department wide guidance
Department-Wide Guidance

  • Documents that cannot be closed-out of PRCH in 6 months will either be:

    • Managed manually in FFIS or

    • Transitioned to IAS

PRCH Shutdown Transition Matrix

Ree agencies guidance

Type of Action



Party Responsible for Documenting Receipt

FPDS-NG Reporting

Level 1:

New FY06 Awards starting 6/5/2006



Requisitioners in IAS


Level 2:

New FY06 delivery/task orders on existing contracts


Contracting staff will establish a non-obligating, reconstructed contract/BPA shell, then place new delivery/task orders against the shell award – open amounts only

Requisitioners in IAS


Level 3: Existing FY06 PRCH awards


  • Managed via PRCH until 12/1/2006

  • Managed via direct entry into FFIS after 12/1/2006.

Manual – Using current procedures

Outside IAS -Direct entry in FPDS-NG


Items projected to close beyond 12/1/2006 can be converted to IAS until 08/05/06. COs, requisitioners, budget staff, finance staff, etc. must identify those FY06 PRCH transactions to be reconstructed no later than 6/5/06.

Requisitioners in IAS

In IAS (must be deleted in FPDS-NG if previously entered)

Level 4:

Prior year (FY05 and before) awards (contracts, task / delivery orders) – options & modifications


manual (until 12/01/2006), FFIS

Obligations will be managed by FM directly into FFIS

Manual – Using current procedures

Outside IAS -Direct entry in FPDS-NG

REE Agencies Guidance

Ffis direct entry transactions
FFIS Direct Entry Transactions

  • REE resource managers must review their internal records to identify transactions directly entered into FFIS.

  • The following are non-IAS transactions that must be directly entered into FFIS:

    • Lease Payments

    • Grants

    • Foreign Currency Payments

    • Interagency Agreements / IPAC’s

    • Post-Payment Adjustments

    • Type 60 Non-Contractuals