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Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals, and Road to Grid PowerPoint Presentation
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Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals, and Road to Grid

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Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals, and Road to Grid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals, and Road to Grid. Fugang Wang Grid Seminar II, Fall 2008 Oct. 2008. Agenda. Approaches to access Grid Infrastructure Middleware Grid Portal Portal technologies JSR 168 / WSRP Web 2.0 applied to portal Grid portals – a survey

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Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals, and Road to Grid

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Presentation Transcript

Globus, CoG Kit, Web portals,

and Road to Grid

Fugang Wang

Grid Seminar II, Fall 2008

Oct. 2008



  • Approaches to access Grid
    • Infrastructure
    • Middleware
    • Grid Portal
  • Portal technologies
    • JSR 168 / WSRP
    • Web 2.0 applied to portal
  • Grid portals – a survey
    • Teragrid portal, Gridsphere, OGCE, …
  • Demo of current JavaScript CoG Kit based portal
  • Conclusions and Discussion

Approaches to access Grid

  • Grid Infrastructure
    • Condor, PBS, LSF, SGE
    • Globus, UNICORE, EGEE, Legion
  • Middleware/Upperware
    • CoG Kit
    • Gridway
    • Gridshell
  • Grid Portal
    • Teragrid portal, Gridsphere, OGCE

Portal technologies – JSR168/WSRP

  • Java Portlet Specification (JSR168)


Portal Server





Portlet Window


Portlet Fragment



  • Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)

Portal technologies – Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 technologies applied to web portals
    • Web 2.0, a buzz word
    • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)
    • Representational State Transfer (REST)
    • Mashup
    • Atom and RSS

Portal technologies – Web 2.0

  • Ajax
    • XML as data interchange medium
    • Asynchronous communication with server side
    • XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to manipulate and render DOM components
    • Decrease user waiting time and increase user experience

Rendered Web page



Web page

Ajax engine

Static pages, CGI, Servlet

JS code, CSS, libraries, web resources




Portal technologies – Web 2.0

  • REST/RESTful
    • Roy Fielding’s doctoral dissertation in 2000
    • Resource = functionality + state
    • Unique addressable through URI for each resource
    • Stateless protocol, eliminating the use of additional message layer such as XML or session maintaining using cookies
    • Simplicity is beauty
  • RSS and Atom
    • Publish “feed”
    • Subscribe and read

Portal technologies – Web 2.0

  • Mashup
    • Data from multiple sources
    • Mingle and combine
    • Presented in a new perspective

Web Client

Web Service

Site A

Site B

Site C


Portal technologies – Web 2.0

  • Mashup applied to JavaScript Grid Portal
    • Shows mashup happens both in server side and client side

JavaScript API & Portal

JavaScript CoG Kit server code

Teragrid Host A

Teragrid Host B

Teragrid REST Info service


Portal technologies – A Comparison

  • JSR168 Portal
    • Generate markup segments for each portlet and assembly them into a full page
    • Info aggregated at server side
    • Portlets displayed side-by-side
    • Old technologies and about to outdate
  • Web 2.0 Portal
    • Combine raw data from different site/web services
    • Content aggregation can happen in server side or client side
    • Could combine data from different source and present in a totally new way
    • Web 2.0 technologies used to provide better user experience

Grid portals – A Survey

  • GridSphere (uses Myproxy and CoG Kit)
  • OGCE portlets (uses Myproxy and CoG Kit)
  • Teragrid user portal
    • Provide teragrid related information
    • GSI-SSH terminal
    • Use GridSphere for some functionalities like file management
  • Other portals
    • Genius, Legion, Pegasus, …

Conclusions and Discussion

  • Road to Grid
    • Abstraction and reuse
    • More user-friendly and lower barrier
    • Less user involved setup and configuration
    • Architecture gets more complicated
    • Hide more complexity behind the “cloud”
  • Trends
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Web services
    • Software As A Service (SAAS)
    • Web application / Rich Internet Application
    • Cloud
  • Discussion?


  • Java CoG Kit.
  • Globus Toolkit.
  • JSR 168: Portlet Specification.
  • OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP).
  • Myrit portal.
  • Teragrid user portal.
  • Gridsphere portal framework.
  • The Open Grid Computing Environments Portal and Gateway Toolkit (OGCE Portal).
  • D. Gannon, J. Alameda, O. Chipara, M. Christie, V. Dukle, L. Fang, M. Farrellee, G. Kandaswamy, D. Kodeboyina, S. Krishnan, C. Moad, M. Pierce, B. Plale, A. Rossi, Y. Simmhan, A. Sarangi, A. Slominski, S. Shirasuna, and T. Thomas, "Building grid portal applications from a web service component architecture," Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 93, no. 3, pp. 551-563, 2005. [Online]. Available:

References – cont’d

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