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Introduction to web portals

Matthieu Reichstadt CNRS/IN2P3 ACGRID School, Hanoi (Vietnam) November 5th, 2007. Introduction to web portals. Web Portal. A web portal is used to provide an easier way to run jobs or applications on the grid for the users

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Introduction to web portals

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  1. Matthieu Reichstadt CNRS/IN2P3 ACGRID School, Hanoi (Vietnam) November 5th, 2007 Introduction to web portals

  2. Web Portal • A web portal is used to provide an easier way to run jobs or applications on the grid for the users • Avoids users needing to learn complex command line interfaces to the Grid • It can be accessed from everywhere and by “everything” (desktop, laptop, PDA, mobile phone). • It can keep the same user interface to several back-ends (including the switch to new EGEE middleware).

  3. Web portal • Some examples of web portals: • Genius • Auvergui • AWP (Auvergrid Web Portal) • BIG (blast in grid) • Pgrade • Differences between portals • Difficulty to use it(knowledge of jdl files, certificates, proxy,…) • Specificity • Security

  4. Architecture Applications’ specific layer Biomed Atlas Auvergrid LHCb Other apps High level GRID middleware DataGRID architecture GLOBUS toolkit Basic Services OS & Net services Web Portal

  5. Why use a Web portal • It can be accessible from everywhere, the only condition is to have a valid certificate in your browser • The same interface can be used, it’s independant of the middleware • The web interface is user-friendly

  6. AWP • AWP (Auvergrid Web Portal) • Web portal for biologists that provides some biological tools • Blast • Est2genome • Secured bl2seq • Secured readseq • Repeatmasker • Hmmpfam • The goal is to help biologists run their applications faster on the Auvergrid grid, with more security than on « traditional » web sites

  7. How does it work https M/W+GSI the Grid WEB Browser AWP Local WS Apache UI

  8. How does it work grid-proxy-init voms-proxy-init the Grid UI execute WEB Browser output AWP server (UI) Local WS Any web tool

  9. How does it work? • Data: • Software installed on the CE • Role of the software_manager • Biological Databases stored on SEs • Instance Database stored on the Web server • Princip: • The software manager installs the software on each CE, and the specified databases on SEs • The web portal is developed on the web server • The grid pipeline is installed on the UI. Goal: • Get the parameters of the instance • Create jobs, launch them on the grid • Get the status, the results, and store them in the Instance Database

  10. Auvergrid Homepage

  11. Web tools web page

  12. Example: bl2seq

  13. Example:bl2seq

  14. Example:bl2seq

  15. Example:bl2seq

  16. Example:bl2seq

  17. Hands-on • During the practical session, you will use the auvergrid-blast web portal: • First you need to connect to the web portal • Log in using: • Username: userXX • Password:userXX (XX from 01 to 60) • Get the protein sequence • Select the appropriate parameters as written on the explanation page • Launch the blast program on the grid • Wait until it is done • Get your results

  18. Conclusions and perspectives • The AWP is a new tool provided for the auvergrid and biomed VO. • The goal is to deploy web portals for all the biological programs, coupling it with the database replication service developed by J. Salzemann • Next step: deploy web portals for other users (chemistry, physics) on the Auvergne

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