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An Avon Recruiting Environment

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An Avon Recruiting Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. An Avon Recruiting Environment. AVON branded apparel. Tip!. DSMs need to source for a 6 ft table. A conducive recruiting environment to drive energy, professionalism & fun Avon logo equipment and apparel

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an avon recruiting environment


An Avon Recruiting Environment

AVON branded apparel


DSMs need to source for a 6 ft table

A conducive recruiting environment to drive energy, professionalism & fun

  • Avon logo equipment and apparel
      • 1 Tent in all Districts (shipped direct to DSMs; will arrive prior to your first event)
      • Avon branded materials including (sent in C1 & 2 manager shipments):
        • 15 aprons, visors and pins
        • Clipboards and 1 tablecloth
      • Magic Buses in 14 selected (see appendix)
        • Bus will be pre-stocked with additional samples and product displays

Note: Complete list of shipped items summarized on slides 22-24

dsm pre launch activities december
DSM Pre-Launch Activities: December



Plan, Activate & Train!

1) Refer to your District Planning Worksheet

dsm pre launch activities december january
DSM Pre-Launch Activities: December - January



Suggested number of kits your SLs should have on hand will be provided

Ensure you & your team have the right tools and materials!

dsm pre launch activities first 2 weeks of january
DSM Pre-Launch Activities: First 2 weeks of January


Beg. Jan

Make final preparations; Engage, Excite & Mobilize your teams!

dsm launch activities january february
DSM Launch Activities: January - February

During launch

Jan - Feb

Mobilize & keep the energy high!

dsm day before event checklist
DSM Day-before-Event Checklist:

During launch

Jan - Feb

  • Recruiting Tools
  • Brochures(remind your SLs to bring brochures)
  • Appointment Kits (remind your SLs to bring kits)
  • Business Cards (remind your SLs to bring their business cards)
  • Pencils & Pens
  • Clipboards
  • Printed copies of Lead Tracking Form
  • Laptop
  • Smart Phone(remind your SLs to bring their smart phones for online appointing and TV recruiting ad)
  • Printed 3-question Survey
  • Recruiting Bookmarks
  • Recruiting Flyers
  • “Explore Avon” Kits

Marketing Supports

  • Samples
  • Totally Kissable acrylic display stand + full set of 10 lipsticks
  • Easel-backed poster
  • Absolute Even “Super Earner” tickets
  • Recruiting Apparel
  • Aprons, visors & pins (Coordinate with your SLs to synchronize dressing at the events)
  • Avon lip buttons
  • Kiss print Tattoos

Event Set Up

  • 6-ft Table (not included in manager shipment)
  • Table cloth
  • Tent(2 boxes – bring help to set up – it’s heavy!)
  • Music(e.g., iPod + speakers)
  • Money bag with change (for $10 appointment fee)
dsm post event activities
DSM Post-Event Activities:

During launch

Jan - Feb

Welcome, Engage & Retain new Recruits!