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Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change PowerPoint Presentation
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Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change

Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change

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Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change

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  1. Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change Complete Home Renovations for Positive Change Some people want to renovate their home to get a better asking price. Others want to live in a more comfortable space. Regardless of your reasons, you can create positive change by upgrading your home.

  2. About 75 percent of all homeowners want to stay in their home after a remodeling project. The top three projects include kitchen upgrades, complete kitchen renovations, and full bathroom renovations.

  3. Approximately 77 percent of people feel a significant sense of accomplishment after their project is complete.

  4. Consider replacing the kitchen fixtures. Upgrade the appliances Change the cabinetry Replace your sink Add an upscale backsplash Update the counters Consider new flooring

  5. Change out the carpets. Upgrade to hardwood for warmth and coziness Plush carpeting instead of traditional Go for stain-resistant carpets Spruce up the bathrooms. Upgrade to standalone shower systems Replace the sink Consider a new toilet (energy-efficiency) Change the tiles/wall color Create more space

  6. Renovate the basement. Add a second bathroom Create a hobby room Include a new bedroom Don’t forget about the outdoors. Build/renew the deck Add a playground for the kids Consider a pergola in the garden

  7. Focus on other ways to improve your home. Renovate the stairs Consider custom cabinetry Stone craftsmanship (update/add a fireplace)

  8. About 65 percent of homeowners enjoy their homes more after a remodeling project. Repainting your house is an excellent way to make a minor change. Benefits include: Inexpensive Customizable New trends Professionally done

  9. Ways to Stay Positive During a Home Renovation

  10. Most people don’t prepare themselves mentally for the mess and hassle that a home renovation includes. It’s easy to forget that the project could take weeks to complete. You are excited to make these changes at the beginning. With time, you may start thinking of the stress it adds. Instead of getting upset, focus on the joy you get from the creative process. Your house is going to look much different and be more comfortable when it’s all over. Keep an eye on your budget. - Make sure the general contractor knows this number and can stick with it. - It’s best to add about 10 percent to whatever total you think you need. Don’t get too focused on timelines. Things will take as long as they take; stressing over them won’t make them go by faster.

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