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Sustainable Home Renovations

Our Company Ecologic Building Solutions have a team of Experts who deliver you homes that are healthy, safe, beautiful and sustainable. We also provide house renovation for sale of house in Melbourne.

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Sustainable Home Renovations

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  1. comfortable, beautiful, safe and sustainable

  2. About Ecologic Building Solutions My name is Garth Duggan and I am a professional renovator specialising renovations. in sustainable home

  3. I am passionate about creating the change that is required to make Melbourne sustainable.

  4. Sustainability is not just a state of mind, but also a way of life that begins at home.

  5. This is why I specialise in renovating homes to make them more sustainable and eco-friendly, so that we can preserve Earth for posterity.

  6. Some people think that sustainable homes look funny, smell funny, require their occupants to live an impoverished existence and have mung beans growing out of their windows!.

  7. I will show you that sustainable homes are in fact the most modern beautiful, comfortable, healthy and functional of all.

  8. In order to maintain a somewhat comfortable home and a beautiful garden most of us spend a small fortune on our utilities.

  9. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

  10. http://garthduggan.blogspot.com.au/

  11. Find out what these Melbourne home owners have done to make their home a sanctuary.

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