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Turning on to the industrial uses of Solenoid Valves

http://www.solenoidsolutionsinc.com/solenoid-valves/ | Solenoid valves have a variety of applications across many industries. Solenoid Solutions can create custom solenoid valve solutions for clients involved in a wide variety of fields, including agriculture, entertainment, machinery, manufacturing, construction, medicine, and many more.

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Turning on to the industrial uses of Solenoid Valves

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  1. Turning On To The Industrial Uses Of Solenoid Valves

  2. Solenoid Valves: An Invaluable Tool For Industry • Solenoid valves are used to regulate gas and fluids and serve important roles in many industries, including: • Agriculture • HVAC/Boilers • Medical • Entertainment • Food Service • Manufacturing/Construction

  3. Solenoid valves have a variety of agricultural uses. They are integral parts of irrigation and spraying devices used to water crops and keep them safe from pests. They’re also essential to the fuel systems of machinery used in agriculture.

  4. Solenoid valves are used in boilers for home heat, hot water heaters and boilers used for a variety of industrial applications. Solenoid valves are important components that regulate gas and water flow to these devices.

  5. Medical Applications • Solenoid valves are used for a variety of applications in the medical field, including: • Hospital Beds • Operating Tables • Chiropractic Tables • Therapeutic Massage Tables • Dental/Ophthalmologist Chairs • Blood Gas/Gas Analyzers • Tissue Analyzers • Dialysis Equipment • Blood Pressure Cuffs • Air Casts/Socks • Chemical Cleaning Equipment • And more…

  6. Entertainment Solenoid valves even have applications in entertainment. Solenoid valves are an important component in paintball guns, regulating the CO2 that propels paintballs. This is one of many creative applications that custom solenoid valves designed for a specific purpose can assist.

  7. Food Service • Solenoid valves are used in soda dispensers, refrigeration and other food service equipment. Some applications include: • Ice Makers • Ice Cream Dispensers • Slaughter House Processing • Packaging Equipment • Lifting/Conveying Equipment • Dishwashing Systems • Fire Suppression Systems • Cooking Oil Processing

  8. Manufacturing & Construction • Welding/Soldering • Electronic Chip Production • Compressors • Cosmetics • Purification Equipment • Laboratory Evacuation Equipment • Vacuum Pumps/Systems • Spectrometers • Chemical Processing • Gas Chromatography • Pulp and Paper Processing • Dust Collectors • And more…

  9. Working With Solenoid Solutions • Solenoid Solutions provides high quality solenoid valves for clients in a variety of industries. When you purchase solenoid valves from Solenoid Solutions, you can expect: • Prototypes in five days • Help in maintaining an adequate inventory of valves • Quick quotes on valve projects • Personalized care from customer service reps • Emergency support

  10. About Solenoid Solutions Solenoid Solutions provides top quality solenoid valves to OEMs to ensure their products have the best performance and efficiency. The company provides standard solenoid valves and manifolds to clients, as well as custom-built valves for specific purposes. Solenoid Solutions works with clients, adapting to just-in-time delivery and kanban, lean manufacturing practices to help them keep costs down. To learn more, visit http://www.solenoidsolutionsinc.com/ or call 888-825-8405.

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