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Taking Control: Solenoid Valves Provide Accuracy, Reliabilit | Solenoid valves have a variety of applications across many industries. Solenoid Solutions can make custom valves that fit your products. The company also tailors delivery and other options to suit your business model.

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Taking Control: Solenoid Valves Provide Accuracy, Reliabilit

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  1. Taking Control Solenoid Valves Provide Accuracy, Reliability, Efficiency

  2. Solenoid Valves A Vital Component Solenoid valves provide convenience and accuracy to a number of industrial and otherapplications. These electromechanicallyoperated valves help regulate liquid or gasflow. They offer fast and safe switching, arevery reliable, are very durable, take littleelectricity to operate, work well with a varietyof mediums and do not take up a lot of space.There are a variety of different solenoidvalves, and some of them are better forspecific applications than others. Learningmore about solenoid valves and their variousdesigns will help you better choose the onethat is right for your product.

  3. Solenoid Valve Applications • Airline TeleviewerScreen Actuation • Hospital Beds Class 8 Trucks • Operating Tables Seating • Freon Recycling • Chiropractic Tables • Lumbar Headrest Support • Anti-Freeze Recycling • Therapeutic Massage Tables • Seat Adjustment • Dental/OphthalmologistChairs • Engine Oil Recycling Engine Systems • Brake Fluid Recycling • Fan Clutch Assemblies • Agricultural SprayingSystems Respiratory • Fuel Shut-off • Respirators • Propane Fuel Safety Instrumentation • Ventilators Systems • Oxygen ConcentratorsSterilizers • Welding/Soldering • Nitrous Oxide InjectionSystems • Electronic ChipProduction • Sterilizers/Autoclaves • Lube Systems • Compressors • Chemical SterilizersOther • Vacuum Systems • Cosmetics • Emissions Monitoring • Purification Equipment • Blood Gas/Gas Analyzers • Boat Fuel Systems • Laboratory EvacuationEquipment • Tissue Analyzers Suspension • Dialysis Equipment • Suspension Systems • Vacuum Pumps/Systems • Blood Pressure Cuffs • Lift Axles • Spectrometers • Air Casts/Socks • Bus “Kneeling” SystemsFueling • Chemical Processing • Dental Scalers • Gas Chromatography • Chemical Cleaning Equipment • Gasoline/Diesel/PropaneFueling Systems • Ozone Detection Food Service Equipment • Process Sampling Food Prep • Storage Tank Anti-siphonSystems • Pollution Monitoring • Ice Makers • Emissions Monitoring • Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers Other • Pulp and Paper • Poultry Processing • Braking Systems Processing • Steam Tables • Power Transmission • Cookers/RangeBeverage Dispensing • Dust Collectors • Air Horns Medical/Dental • Air Dryers Bed/Tables/Chairs • Coffee Makers • Paint Spraying • Food Disposers

  4. Solenoid Valve Applications • Trash Compactors Printing/Graphics • Water Dispensers • Ink Jet Printing • Coffee/Tea Dispensers • Dyeing Equipment • Liquor Dispensers • Photographic Equipment • Beer Dispensers • Paint Mixing/DispensingOther • Soft Drink Dispensers • Cappuccino Makers • Spray Lubrication • Syrup Dispensers • Low Pressure Hydraulic Systems • Citrus Juice DispensersOther • Oil Drilling • Waste Oil/Oil Burners • Dishwashing Systems • Heating Circuits • Fire Suppression Systems • Machine Tool Positioning • Cooking Oil Processing • Injection/Blow Molding • Slaughter House Processing • Cryogenics • Packaging Equipment • Metal Treating • Lifting/Conveying Equipment • Electroplating Miscellaneous • Alkaline Washing Air Treatment • Control Valve Pilot Actuation • HVAC/Chillers/Heat Exchangers • Prison Door Closing Systems • Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers • Department Store Door OpeningSystems • Air Conditioning Cleaning • Sprinkler Systems • Touchless Flush/Wash Systems • Machine Gun Simulators • Car Wash Systems • Boiler Feed Systems • Carpet Cleaners • Cylinder Actuation • Industrial Wash Systems • Packaging Equipment • Copying Equipment • Glue Dispensing • Laundry Processing/Presses • Sewing Equipment/Textiles • Industrial Floor Scrubbers • SCUBA Equipment • Bowling Alley Strip/Re-Oil • Hydrogen Fuel Cells Machines

  5. Getting The Right Solenoid Design When selecting a solenoid valve for your product, there are a number of designissues you need to consider, such as: Valve functions Coil type Valve operations Port size Voltage Electrical connectionsOperating environmentsMultiple valves Media typePressureFlow rate Valve assemblySupply Options Orifice size Body materials Seal materials

  6. Solenoid Solutions’ Standard Solenoid Valves Miniature Valves - Solenoid Solutions manufactures the Wattmizer series - an efficient, small valve perfect for fitting in tight spaces. They can handle between .65and 9 watts of constant power and also respond in 6-10 milliseconds. Thesedependable valves also have a Bubble Tight leakage rating. Midrange Valves - Solenoid Solutions’ 8 Series of valves are heavy duty valvesideal for OEM pneumatic and hydraulic applications, as well as uses in suspensionsystems for automobiles and in equipment used to monitor vehicle emissions. Thesevalves also work well for medical tables, dentists’ chairs, truck fan clutches andHVAC applications. High Capacity Valves - Solenoid Solutions’ heavy duty 2 Series valves are great forhigh pressure work and also maintain a high flow rate. These valves work well for colorant mixing, heat exchange, pressure washing, blow molding and packagingequipment applications.

  7. Solenoid Solutions’ Specialty Solenoid Valves Miniature Valves - Solenoid Solutions produces the Super Wattmizer solenoid valve, a miniature valve that increasing performance by 30 percent over the standardmodel. These valves use a bigger coil with a larger orifice to handle greater pressure - over 1,500 psi. These valves will work with most fluids used in pneumatic andhydraulic devices, making them a good fit for these applications. Midrange Valves - The 7 series, produced by Solenoid Solutions, are inexpensivebut yield high performance. They are often used in emissions monitoring, suspensionsystems, fan clutch control devices, medical chairs, beds and tables and HVAC applications. Manifolds - Solenoid Solutions’ solenoid valve manifolds provide space and costsavings. These devices can connect multiple valves and other components into one assembly, taking up less space and making repair and maintenance easier. Thesedevices can be used in a wide variety of liquid and gas applications.

  8. Solenoid Solutions’ Custom Solenoid Valves Specialty Valves - Solenoid Solutions can equip your valves with specialized partsthat make them more useful for the specific purpose you intend to use them for. Thecompany can design custom valves that operate on bump and hold circuits as well asaxial flow valves and other convenient devices that will meet your needs. Latching Valves - The company’s latching valves help save energy, thanks to theirefficient design. These valves do not require electrical current to remain in anenergized position, as they have a permanent magnet incorporated into the valve. When this valve receives a brief pulse of electricity to open the valve, the magnet will keep the valve open until an electrical pulse with opposite polarity shuts the valve. Special Components - The company can add a variety of other components toincrease their efficacy, including controls, coatings, special threading, pressure switches, fittings, leads, gauges, transducers, mounting straps, mounting componentsand more.

  9. How Solenoid Solutions Can Help Solenoid Solutions can help businesses and manufactures with quality solenoid valves. • We can help design custom valves that fit your company’s specific needs. • We can help design manifolds that take up little space and offer maximum utility. • We design valves with an eye to cost savings. • We can install specialty components, hoses, switches and more. • We can develop a manufacturing, shipping and inventory plan that works best with your business’s needs.

  10. About Solenoid Solutions Solenoid Solutions provides top quality solenoid valves to OEMS to ensure their products havethe best performance and efficiency. The company provides standard solenoid valves andmanifolds to clients, as well as custom-built valves for specific purposes. The company works with clients, adapting to just-in-time delivery, lean and kan-ban practices to help them keepcosts down. To learn more, visit or call 888-825-8405.

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