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Mulch Dyes

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Mulch Dyes

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  1. Mulch Dyes Mulch Dyes Serving the Global Market Serving the Global Market Solarogen, LLC is headquartered in High Point, NC serving customers globally. We inventory, prepare, blend and pack every product we sell in our High Point facility and ship all orders directly from this point. This means that our quality control operations are conducted by our highly trained staff. We specialize in high-quality agricultural dyes, colorants, and products for both professional and home users. Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly - At Solarogen, we are committed to quality and environmental purity to protect our customers and the environment from harmful substances. All of our dyes and colorants are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. Lawn Paints Lawn Paints Solarfast Lawn Paint is ideal for dormant seasons, for covering up dead spots or for maintaing a greener looking lawn in areas under water restrictions due to drought. Solarfast Lawn Paint is enviromentally-friendly, concentrated for easy application with a lawn sprayers, and dries fast. It's non-hazardous to people or pets, and great for high traffic areas, sports fields, golf courses and can even be used on Christmas trees!

  2. Benefits of Solarfast Lawn Paint High Quality-Our product has been rigorously tested by professionals in the lawn care industry to ensure the quality is the best in the market. Will Not Fade-Once the color is applied properly and allowed to dry, it will not fade for a minimum of 1 month and may last as lon as 3 months. Economical-A litle bit goes a long way. Dilute at a ratio of 1:10 colorant to water for dormant grass. Dilute at 1:20 for non-dormant grass applications. Works Instantly-As soon as you spray on the colorant the grass will be the color used. Once it dries it will remain on the grass blades until it is cut by mowing. Mulch Colorants Mulch Colorants Solarfast Black Mulch Solarfast Black MCH is a colorant used to restore faded mulch back to its original color. As low as $41.80 Solarfast Brown Mulch Solarfast Brown MCH is a colorant used to restore faded mulch back to its original color. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other ingredients that are known to be harmful to the environment. Solarfast Brown MCH is quick, easy, and economical for improving your landscapeメs overall appearance. As low as $28.26 For For more information please visit more information please visit