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Solar, solar panels, Solar Panel Installation PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar, solar panels, Solar Panel Installation

Solar, solar panels, Solar Panel Installation

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Solar, solar panels, Solar Panel Installation

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  1. New Age Super Power – Solar Energy The sun is the most abundant source of energy we have on earth. It is 4.6 billion years old and considered to be the most reliable renewable source of energy which is not going to run out any time soon. Humans have been tinkering with solar energy since the dawn of time to light fire by concentrating sunlight with the help of glass or mirror. It wasn't until the 1950s, the technology was developed to convert abundantly available solar energy into electricity with the help of Photovoltaic systems cells. It can be used without releasing any greenhouse gases and other harmful by-products, making it the most eco-friendly way of extracting energy to be further converted into electricity. Solar energy is believed to have consistently grown by 33% in the last thirty years from 1979-2010. It is projected to cross over 40% of the total energy for this decade. Many solar installation companies have come up in the last few decades with huge investments made into this technology.

  2. Solar Panel Installation & Sustainable Living Solar Earth Choice is one of California’s pioneering renewable energy suppliers and, as such, offers the very best in solar panel installation. That includes both residential and commercial solar installation. In addition to our range of solar energy services, we offer practical advice on how to live and work more sustainably. You can reduce your carbon footprint as well as the cost of supplying your home or business with a renewable, sustainable energy source.

  3. Our Latest Solar Panel Installations Solar Earth Choice installs solar panels and solar systems all over California. Want to check our work? We’ve got plenty to show you!

  4. Solar Energy Conversion to Electricity Energy travels from the sun in the form of particles of light known as photons, which can be considered as packets or envelops filled with light. Theses photons possessing different energies hit the solar panels, which are made of silicon and other elements. Silicon is a semiconductor which implies it does both jobs as a conductor and an insulator. When the electron of an atom (silicon) is hit by the photon with certain energy, the electron absorbs the energy and sets itself free from the atom (silicon) to become a free electron. The free electron possessing sufficient energy is the raw form of electricity. The electricity generated through solar panels is DC power, which is further stored inside solar batteries. Solar battery storage capacity corresponds to the total capacity of the solar panels installed. The DC power generated can be converted into AC power with the help inverters at home. Solar power generated during the daytime prioritises the charging of batteries and provides power during the night. With the installation of solar battery storage, power can be made available round the clock, thereby ensuring renewable electricity.

  5. Set-up for Solar Power Generation Prior to solar panel installation, certain factors should be taken into consideration that are mentioned below: •A site survey is the most important activity to be undertaken prior to setting up of solar panels. This would help in finding out the exact direction of solar panel installation to receive as much as sunrays hitting the panel during day time without getting affected by any external factors. •The capacity of solar power needed to electrify the energy demand. It will help in selecting the number of panels to be installed and the amount of area needed for the setup. •Cost of installation vs overall output is one of the most important factors to conclude the efficacy of the total system. •Reliability of the system to sustain for a longduration with less maintenance cost is the most profitable investment to make in the power sector in today's time. •Choosing qualified solar contractors prior to offering the installation contract. Solar contractors are provided with the license based upon their experience and college education.

  6. Top 10 Ways To Conserve Energy At Home? Well, you all know how to tap renewable energy but adopting more energy saving behavior and technology can actually bring down your energy consumption by more than 50%. So, without wasting any time further, let’s catch a quick glimpse of ways homeowners can adopt to conserve energy: 1. Switch to better ways to heat and cool your house: 2. Replace electrical lighting with day lighting: 3. Revamp your laundry habits: 4. Practice water conservation wherever & whenever possible: 5. Take over incandescent lights: 6. Get a tank-less water heater installed: 7. Take some responsibility of electrical appliances: 8. Switch to smart cooking: 9. Install high performance windows: 10. Generate electricity from solar energy:

  7. How Can Energy Remodeling Help? With rising costs of energy, there has never been a better time to implement these measures to conserve energy and save money in utility costs. Since 2009, Energy Remodeling has helped consumers save energy and money on their utility bills. We will walk you through every step of the process – from financing and installation to obtaining proper permits and installing your home upgrade. Our commitment to saving you energy and money extends beyond the roof. If you want to learn more about installing a solar power system, high performance windows, or a tankless water heater, contact us today!

  8. We are Serving Solar Panel Service All of California Address 11914 Kling St #1 Valley Village, CA 91607 Phone 855-885-7838 Email