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Get Trained in power bi online Training from Experienced Trainers

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Get Trained in power bi online Training from Experienced Trainers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Power BI Online Training: IQ Online Training provides the Live online and interactive Power BI Online Training conducted by Experienced Trainers.

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A Brief History Of Power BI Online Training Course

Power BI is rapidly gaining popularity among professionals in data science as a

cloud-based service that helps them simply visualize and share insights from their

organizations’ data.

Mircrosoft provided Power BI, it is a business analytics service. Power BI provides

interactive visualizations with self-service BI (business intelligence) capabilities,

where end users can create reports and dashboards on their own, without

depending on any information technology staff or database administrator.

<a href=””> Power BI

Online Training </a>

Power BI provides cloud based BI services - recognized as Power BI Services,

along with a desktop based interface called Power BI desktop. Power BI

offers Data warehouse capabilities, including data preparation, interactive

dashboards & data discovery. In March 2016, Microsoft released a supplementary

service called Power BI Embedded on its Azure cloud platform.

Power BI is a cloud based business analytics service that allows anyone to

visualize and examine data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It

connects users to a wide-ranging, of data through user-friendly dashboards, and

interactive reports, and compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

Power BI offers basic data wrangling capacity parallel to Excel's Power Query.

Power BI lets you create interactive visualizations, reports & dashboards with a

few clicks or drag-and-drops type natural -language questions about your data on

a dashboard and handles files that are too large for Excel as well.

It works with dozens of data types, not only Excel, Access and CSV files, It works

with Salesforce, Google Analytics, GitHub, MailChimp, QuickBooks Online and

dozens of others as well. And, it will run R scripts, meaning that any data you can

drag in and massage via R you can import into Power BI.

Reasons to learn Power BI Online Training


Now a days Power BI place a vital role in our Business grows further level. So

everyone to know about the Power BI is most important. The main reason of

learning Power BI Online training course is develop our Company. IQ Online

Training provides the Power BI Online Training with Highly competent and

Experienced Trainers. They Give the Power BI Online Training in simple and easy

understandable way. If you take once Power BI Online Training Course from our

trainers you can easily develop your company within the short period of time.

Connect, import, shape, and transform data for (BI) business intelligence

Visualize data, the author reports, and can schedule automated refresh of your


Create and share dashboards based on reports in Power BI desktop & Excel

Use natural language queries

Create real-time dashboards

Advantages of Power BI Online Training Course

Power BI puts business intelligence (BI) creation into the hands of analysts, who

can extract the source of the data, create a dataset, transform/ manipulate the

data, visualize the data and publish the resulting reports and dashboards. For

progressive/ iterative analysis, analysts can evolve the BI with new measures or

sizes with no IT involvement.

Advantages of Learning Power BI Online Training Course from IQ Online Training

is the trainer starts from basic core concepts of the Power BI Course. They Covers

whole Concepts like PowerQuery, PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerMap,

PowerQ&A in Power BI Online Training course and also covers the advanced


The Question &Answer ( Q&A ) function may be the top cited benefit and

capable of accomplishing self-service BI.

Dashboard visualizations are best-in-class and cyclically updated from

the community.

Interactive Geo-map visualizations are empowered through Bing-Maps.

The fundamental Power BI technology is an in-memory analytics engine and

columnar database which supports tabular data store structures used by


Power Pivot. This achieves equilibrium between performance and comfort of

use (comparing to three dimensional cube which require more complex

assembly and query languages, such as Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)

for SSAS).

The Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) scripting language is a comparatively

simple concept used to create computed columns and measures. It's similar to

Excel, whilst Excel is cell based, where DAX is a column based one.

The pace of innovation is astounding. The product is updated around monthly.

Power BI for Office 365, unveiled in July, is presently in preview, but let

businesses drill down for easy-to- consume information about their operations.

The chief component of Power BI is Excel, and today's update provides users with

color-coded 3D mapping capabilities that will likely enliven any presentation. The

Power Map feature, formerly known as GeoFlow, allows for region-based

visualization tools that color-code geo-political segment, including ZIP codes,

counties, states, countries, and regions. Rather than a flat pie /bar chart, Power

Map lets you plan data points with Bing Maps to get them to life - literally.

If you Want to Know more information about the Power BI Online Training Course

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online-training/ Mail id: Phone No: +1 904-304-2519