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Present tenses

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  1. Presenttenses

  2. themeanings of presentsimple • extended present • actual present • timelessness and three peripheral meanings: 4) future time orientation 5) past time orientation 6) if-conditional counterfactuals. • I rarely eat more than an apple for breakfast. • Here comes Charlie; I begyou to stop • Children obey their parents • I go to thewedding. • It’s last Tuesday evening, the door opens and in comes Charlie • If I don’t leave now I could be late

  3. Themeanings of thecontinuous • incompletion • temporariness • iteration • highlighting/prominence • emotion • politeness/downtoning • prediction • volition • matter-of-course • I’mstilldoingit. • I’mworking as a teacher. • She’scoughing. • I’mtellingyou, it’shim. • He’salwaysdoingthis. • Areyousuggesting …? • She’scoming. • I’m not doingit. • If we aresharingexpenses, I’llgiveyou my part.

  4. Typical Saracen: You are fast, my friend. Robin: Five years I've waited for the smell of free air. That makes a man fast. (Robin Hood) Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that? Lance: What? Kilgore: Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. (Apocalypsenow)

  5. Typical El Mariachi: Suddenly you're my big brother. Buscemi: Well I do feel some responsibility for you, yeah ROBIN This is my bridge. No one crosses without paying tax. (Robin Hood)

  6. Typical One last obstacle remains. A city on the Volga… Where the fate of the world is being decided: Stalingrad (Enemy at the Gates) Jack: Do you love him? Rose: Pardon me? Jack: Do you love him? Rose: Well, you're being very rude. You shouldn't be asking me this (The Titanic)

  7. (1) - What?- He failed to mention that.- He plays things close to the rest now. And a hard-learnedlessonit was. ( "Casino Royale" )

  8. (2) -I ran up some gambling debt -I go away to take care of my mother -He takes the Chinatown bus. I'm going to find him. (Gossip girl)

  9. (3) Robin and Aslan talk for a while. ASLAN Then I trust it is safer to appear as your slave than as your equal. ROBIN For an 'infidel' you have uncommon clarity of thinking. Yet you refuseto tell me about your home and family. (Robin Hood)

  10. (4) Robin goes into a dispute with the Nottingham’s men, especially with their leader, Gisborne. ROBIN: Wrong. This is my land, and my tree. Therefore, whatever is in it also belongs to me. GISBORNE: I grow dangerously tired of your wit... Chop it down! ROBIN The man who strikes that tree dies. (Robin Hood)

  11. (5) 'What do youask me for? Harry retorted.” justreadtheDailyProphetlikeyourmother, whydon'tyou? That'll tell youallyouneed to know'. (Harry Potter)

  12. (6) Leo to Indiana Jones:You keep the girl,I find another. (Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom)

  13. (7) Nobody move! stay on the boatGet back or I shoot! (Dracula 2000)

  14. (6) The decision you make now,thechoices you make.....could affect yourwhole life. (Dirty Dancing)

  15. (7) I give you a glorious name like MagidMahfoozMurshedMubtasimIqbal. (White Teeth)

  16. (8) You're standing at the entrance of your cave. You step inside your cave and you walk... (Fight Club)

  17. (9) -you thinking about sticking around? -I'm telling Olivia to say hi to Godzilla from me. (Gossip Girl)

  18. (10) Marian and Robin talk at a fair. Briefly. She tells him about Sheriff’s plans. MARIAN: For ten thousand I would turn you in myself. (glances back atthe Sheriff) Nottingham is mounting an army (Robin Hood)

  19. (11) ' Theowls.... aren'tbringing me news', hesaidtonelessly. I don'tbelieveit', siad Aunt Petunia atonce. ' No more do I , saidUncleVernonforcefully. (Harry Potter)

  20. (12) Rick O'Connel is talking with his wife about their son: -Still no letter from Alex? -I' ve sent him three in the last month -Yeah,well,what do you expect? The only time we ever hear from that kid is when he's getting kicked out of college or he needs more money.   (National Treasure- book of secrets)

  21. (13) Will you be needing anything? No, no, no. You go. OK, good night then" (Dracula 2000)

  22. (14) I’am keeping your license. Gonna check in on you. I know where you live. (Fight Club)

  23. (15) I’m not worrying anymore, Charles (Brideshead Revisited)

  24. (16) The voice (some kind of narrator) is talking about the landscapes and Gandalf. “Smoke rises from the mountain of Doom and the hour grows late and Gandalf the Gray rides to Isengard seeking my council.” (LOTR 1)

  25. (17) Two characters are talking. One of them wants to give sth to the other. “I give you the light of Elen Din our most beloved star, Namarie.” (LOTR 1)

  26. (18) Robots are to set off in pursuit. One robot to another: “No Piper, you stay here.” “No way.” “Let's be honest. We're headed for a huge butt-whipping." The Robots

  27. (19) On the radio: ‘We interrupt for a bulletin. A high-speed pursuit between police and armed gunmen is underway, traveling on San Pablo Ave.” The Incredibles

  28. (20) Puss in boots when stopping the guards who want to seize Shrek: “Today I repay my debt.” Shrek 2