Chapter 12 renaissance reformation
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Chapter 12: Renaissance & Reformation. Section 4: The Spread of Protestantism. Section 4: The Spread of Protestantism. Ulrich Zwingli-priest in Zürich Reform in Switzerland

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Chapter 12 renaissance reformation

Chapter 12: Renaissance & Reformation

Section 4: The Spread of Protestantism

Section 4 the spread of protestantism

Section 4: The Spread of Protestantism

Zwinglian reformation

  • Ulrich Zwingli-priest in Zürich

  • Reform in Switzerland

  • Attempted to ally himself with Luther, but unable to agree on

    formal Christian procedures

  • Intentó de unir con Lutero,

    pero no consiguen ponerse

    de acuerdo sobre los

    procedimientos formales


Zwinglian Reformation

John calvin1

  • wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion


John Calvin

John calvin2

  • Believed in justification by faith

    • God's act of declaring or making a sinner righteous before God

  • Creía en la justificación por la fe

    • El acto de Dios de declarar o la realización de un pecador justos delante de Dios

John Calvin

John calvin3

  • Believed in predestination

    • “eternal decree” – God had decided in advance who would be saved and who would not

  • Creía en la predestinación

    • "Eterno decreto" - Dios ha decidido de antemano que se salven y que no

John Calvin

John calvin4

  • Began to reform Geneva by creating the Consistory

    • special court for enforcing moral discipline

  • Inició la reforma Ginebra con la creación del Consistorio

    • tribunal especial de aplicación de la disciplina moral

John Calvin

King henry viii1

King Henry VIII

King henry viii2

  • His divorce from Roman Catholic Church

    Catherine of Aragon

    caused a break with the

    Roman Catholic Church

    • Mary, Queen of Scots

  • Su divorcio de Catalina de Aragón provocó una ruptura con la Iglesia Católica Romana

    • Mary, Queen of Scots

King Henry VIII

King henry viii3

King Henry VIII

King henry viii4

King Henry VIII




  • true Christian church is a voluntary community Catholic

  • verdadera iglesia cristiana es una comunidad

  • All believers are equal

  • Todos los creyentes son iguales

  • Complete separation of church and state

  • Completa separación de iglesia y estado


Ignatius of loyola

  • Founded the Society of Jesus or Jesuits Catholic

  • Fundó la Compañía de Jesús o Jesuitas

Ignatius of Loyola

Council of trent

Council of Trent

Council of trent1

  • Final CatholicdecreesorrulingsreaffirmedtraditionalCatholicteachings in oppositiontoProtestantbeliefs

  • Decretos o resoluciones final reafirmó las enseñanzas católicas tradicionales en oposición a las creencias protestantes

Council of Trent