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offer innovative services aimed at supporting n.
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T2G Group 2020 English PowerPoint Presentation
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T2G Group 2020 English

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T2G Group 2020 English
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T2G Group 2020 English

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  1. Offer innovative services aimed at supporting our clients in their business ideas and innovations through personalized advice, the use of cutting-edge digital tools and a high quality of service. Start Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  2. About us W W W . T 2 G . C L We are a consulting company made up of a young team, with fresh ideas, that understands the digital age and the commercial challenges that it entails, we deliver innovative and high value added services aimed at companies seeking new markets both within Chile and abroad. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  3. Work Philosophy W W W T 2 G . C L Our work method (KAIZEN) constantly identifies inefficient processes and possible tasks to be automated around us and everyone in our organization is able to suggest improvements in their area of interest. View website Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  4. Core values The 3 ethical and professional principles by which we guide our activities. Efficiency Quality Innovation In using resources to meet our client’s objectives in the shortest time possible. In our work, in order to offer services that meet and exceed the our customers’ expectations. Constant in our services to face the challenges of the digital age. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  5. Services W W W . T 2 G . C L Our services are based on the Desing Thinking method, this allows us to generate innovative ideas focused on understanding and solving the real needs of our clients. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  6. Services Areas Innovative services for growing companies Start a business Sales Productivity Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  7. Business Ideas Validation Do you have an innovative business idea? We evaluate its potential and your hypotheses to quickly determine if your company will be viable or not. Start a business Business Plan An entrepreneur is one who has the ability to find a business opportunity and, above all, to make it a reality. At T2G we can support your business ideas with the following services. What steps do I take to grow? We analyze your business strategy in detail and jointly create a business plan with clear and quantifiable objectives. Startup Creation Consulting Do you want to start your Start- up? We advise you on all the procedures (legal, tax) and the technological requirements necessary to trade. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  8. E-Commerce Consulting Electronic Commerce? We evaluate the potential of your company, identify and implement the e-commerce platform that best suits your business. Sales Digital Marketing Strategy The number of sales is the main indicator of a company's performance. It is not the only one, but it is the most direct. At T2G we can help you increase your sales through the following services What actions and digital marketing channels should I use? We design and implement an effective online strategy that increases your sales. Customer Experience (CX) How to increase the loyalty of your customers? We help you turn every call, email, meeting and sale into an incredible experience. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  9. Collaboration Tools Consulting What collaborative tools should I use? We analyze your workflows and organizational culture to identify those that will make a real contribution to your business. Productivity Digital Transformation In an increasingly globalized world, work has to be understood as an activity and not as a place. Flexibility should be one of the bases for improving productivity. At T2G we can help improve the productivity and performance of your business with the following services. How do I update my business? We help you to understand and implement digitization to update your business and thus be able to benefit from the great advantages of the digital age. Business Restructuring How to improve my business? We redefine your structure, business strategy and processes to improve your results in costs, quality and sales. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  10. Services Tracking Our Clients can track the progress status of their services through our website www.t2g.cl using their tracking code. Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  11. Sale Process How to hire our services? Write to us at info@t2g.cl, or through our website indicating your request and we will schedule an evaluation meeting as soon as possible. Evaluation Virtual meeting for previous definitions. Proposal Proposal sending in 24 hrs. Getting to work Consulting starts using Collaborative Platform 01 02 03 Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved

  12. CONTACT US If you have questions and want to know more about our services or need help scheduling a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us through any of our channels. Manquehue Sur 520, office 205, Las Condes, Santiago of Chile info@t2g.cl +56 2 29791496 Copyright © 2020 | T2G All rights reserved