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Title, team, advisor, client info. Title: USB 3.0 Write Blocker Team members: Chen Zhao, Elphas Sang, Yan Fang Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhang Client: Electronic Crime Institute - Des Moies Area Community College. Project goal/problem statement.

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Title team advisor client info
Title, team, advisor, client info

  • Title: USB 3.0 Write Blocker

  • Team members: Chen Zhao, Elphas Sang, Yan Fang

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhang

  • Client: Electronic Crime Institute - Des Moies Area Community College

Project goal problem statement
Project goal/problem statement

  • Currently many USB 2.0 to Sata write blocking devices exist, but none for USB 3.0

  • This project is to develop a blocker device for USB 3.0

  • This device may drop writing commands to a USB 3.0 without affecting reading operations

Conceptual diagram use case scenario

Parallel processing units

Conceptual diagram/Use-case scenario


Data Input

USB 3.0


Parallel processing units

USB 3.0-SATA Bridge

(Command Filter)

Entry Unit


Parallel processing units

System block diagram
System Block diagram

Writing Branch

Parallel processing unit

Operation declined feedback

Parallel processing unit

Branch Equal







Parallel processing unit

Reading Branch

Command Filter

Functional requirement

Functional Requirement

Data Bridge between USB 3.0 and SATA

This device acts as bridge for dataflow

Lossless Data Transfer

Data transfer does not allow any information loss

A speed approximately at 300 MB/s

This is the USB 3.0 standard, under the constrain of SATA capability

Protection Feature can be enabled/disabled

There is a switch on/off to enable the protection feature.

The filter will work only when the feature is turned on

Functional requirement cont
Functional Requirement Cont’

  • No Cryptography

    Information is not secured

  • Efficiency

    Comparing the general power consumption of USB 3.0 to the USB 2.0, USB 3.0 should have low power consumption as possible

Non functional requirements
Non-functional Requirements

  • Product Quality (Reliability): the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. It is often reported as a probability

  • Portability:- Ability for the user to install a software on all necessary platforms, and which platforms that is expected to run.

    - The ability for the device to be moved from point A to point B

  • Maintainability – e.g. automated updates, software updates,

  • Testability: testing by the user once the device has been approved of it functions.

  • Usability: Ease-of-use requirements address the factors that constitute the capacity of the software to be understood, learned, and used by its intended users.

  • Environmental Constraint: This include any physical constrains to the environment.

Tasks responsibilities and schedule
Tasks, Responsibilities and Schedule

  • VHDL coding

  • Documentation/recording problems

  • Hardware Design

  • Communication with client

  • System Generation and Verification plan, Testing

Cost e stimate
Cost Estimate

  • Total Budget: $2000.00

  • Building Board

    (HTG-V5-DDR3-PCIE-FX70T) $1695.00

  • Accessories

    (HTG-COM-MDL) $495.00

  • Total Cost(for current situation): $2190.00

Potential risks and mitigations
Potential Risks and Mitigations

  • Schedule Risks

    Development Board Choice

  • Technical Risks

    Difficult project modules integration

  • Operational RisksRisks of loss due to improper process implementation

  • Financial Risks

    Budget may not be sufficient