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Spanish Educational Repository. agrega+. EdReNe – 2nd Strategic Seminar , June 2008. Agrega. Autonomous Communities. Agrega What are its objectives. To promote, unify and set a standard reference To generate a repository of digital educational objects

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Spanish educational repository

Spanish Educational Repository


EdReNe – 2nd StrategicSeminar, June 2008


Autonomous Communities

AgregaWhat are itsobjectives

  • To promote, unify and set a standard reference

  • To generate a repository of digital educationalobjects

  • To create a technological environment for the contents

Theprojectisfocusedonthecreation of a federation of repositorieswhichmustallowto share thestandardisedcontents.

Agrega Project team

Project Direction

Project Development

Experts/Users Group



Agrega ThePlatform

is a platform of digital objects which includes 18 federated nodes, one per Autonomous Community plus another one located at the CNICE / Ministerio de Educación in Spain.

Agrega LearningObjects

  • This repository deals with standardised educational digital objects:

    • Each node has its own repository with contents packaged following the standard SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, SCORM “Moodle” and IMS-CP.

    • The tagging information is stored following the standard LOM v.1.0 in Spanish (LOM-ES).

    • All content searches are done with a federated system based on the specification “Simple Query Interface” (SQI).

    • There is also a Interoperability Interface - IMS-DRI, OAI-PMH.

Agrega Key issues

  • Creation of a federation of nodes

  • Management of digital educational objects following standards

  • One specific site per CCAA plus Administration (CNICE/MEC)

  • Users to manage the contents using productivity tools

  • Interface and functionality off-line and on-line

  • All these interfaces achieve WAI-AA and are multilingual

Agrega Maincharacteristics

  • Develops a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), distributed in interoperable Web Services components.

  • Open Source tools and technological developments licensed as GPL-GNU.

  • Generated content licensed as Creative Commons - Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike Spain

Agrega Maincharacteristics

  • Central node + autonomous nodes.

  • Management of all kind of web used contents: simple or compound objects.

  • Public or restricted contents distributed in the different nodes.

  • Content tools: packaging tool, search tool and interface.

  • Users can create new contents, but only authorised users can publish.

Agrega Functionality

User oriented: MEC or autonomous communities site

  • Digital educationalobjectsnode:

  • Interoperability interface IMS DRI

  • Content search SQI

  • Content storage SCORM 2004

  • Content management


Access to


  • Packaging:SCORM2004

  • Tagging:LOM-es

  • Identification: Unified catalogue identicator / persistentURL

  • Search: SQI

  • Interoperability: DRI

  • Harvesting: OAI-PMH/ DC

The System represents other nodes or “harvesters” like Google / OAI

Allnodes are thesame, are federated, operatebetweenthem and the Internet accordingtostandards



Basic tagging tool

Search engine

Agrega Tools

  • Packaging tool

    • Manages digital objects according to standard SCORM2004

      • Advanced

      • Basic

  • Tagging tool

    • Tags digital objects according to standard LOM_es

      • Advanced:all fields

      • Basic: compulsory and basic fields to describe the object

  • Searching tool

    • Searches objects

Online/ Offline

Packaging tool

Advanced packaging tool

Basic packaging tool

Tagging tool

Advanced tagging tool

All tools are oriented towards (1) productivity (2) minimise creation / aggregation/ desaggregation time of digital educational objects (3) taking into account the different user profiles.


The system manages actors and profiles.

AgregaPre-production and production

  • Pre-production: HW virtual environment with Vmware up to 19 nodes; access up to 235 usuarios

  • Production: HW customised environment for each node


  • Simple searching tool

  • Simple packaging and tagging tool

  • News and FAQ tools


  • Creation, packaging, approval and publication according to standards

  • Distributed and descentralised network

  • Storage and search locally as well as globally

  • Easy management of users and profiles

  • Viewing and presentation environment

Spanish educational repository1

Spanish Educational Repository


EdReNe – 2nd StrategicSeminar, June 2008