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Externship at Shel Cosmetics

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Externship at Shel Cosmetics
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Externship at Shel Cosmetics

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  1. Externship at Shel Cosmetics Laura Trudeau Elementary teacher Capistrano Unified School District December 5 & 12, 2009 Newport Beach, CA Michelle Fryer, Owner & Operator

  2. Michelle Fryer, professional make up artist and licensed EstheticianOwner & Operator of Shel Cosmetics, Newport Beach, CA

  3. Background of Shel Cosmetics After years of working with numerous cosmetic lines, Michelle branded her own line ‘Shel Cosmetics’ in the Spring of 2008.  Shel Cosmetics offers the basic colors for everyday makeup, a few trendy colors for fun, and an exclusive line made especially for Brides. 

  4. Background about how Shel Cosmetics began: • After years becoming a licensed Esthetician and working with various clients, Michelle knew what she was not looking for in a make up line. She did not want any fragrances, oils, dyes, talc, or other pore clogging ingredients. She also did not want any products that were tested on animals. • Michelle decided to name the company Shel because she loved the ocean and her younger sister nicknamed her “Shel”.

  5. Michelle chose natural products that she believed in. The final products were the Mineral Makeup Collection. She chose these products because minerals protect, correct, and beautify skin without irritation. Minerals provide a natural, chemical-free sun block, shielding skin against damaging ultra-violet light. They have light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections practically invisible.

  6. After selecting the type of cosmetics, Michelle needed to select a variety of colors.She selected a core line of basic colors for various skin tones. Twice a year, Michelle selects new colors to see if they will become part of the line.

  7. Selecting new colors… Michelle researches upcoming fashion trends when selecting new colors to add to the collection twice a year. She then test markets the colors. If they sell well, they become part of the line…

  8. Marketing and Promotions Marketing and promoting the cosmetic line is very important. Shel Cosmetics maintains a web site which displays the products and colors available for purchase. http://shelcosmetics.com/ Shel Cosmetics’ main sources of marketing are via emails, Facebook, Twitter, and through Michelle Fryer’s clients who book her Esthetician services.

  9. Marketing using Email Different promotions are sent out via email. The biggest challenge about using email is the constantly changing contact list. Updating the contact list to make sure that everyone who is interested in the line receives current information is a priority.

  10. Marketing and Promotions Michelle writes a bimonthly newsletter to help educate clients in make up trends, skin care, and cosmetic shelf life. She has found many clients enjoy receiving information regarding skin care. Shel cosmetics run various different promotions during the year. Michelle will select a promotion to introduce her clients to a new product or color, to help move stock, or because she has decided to discontinue a color. A myriad of criteria goes into different promotions.

  11. Inventory • Inventory is a necessary business expense that must be carefully monitored. • Cosmetics have a shelf life, or expiration date. So, careful monitoring is needed to ensure the products are sold well before they expire. • When selecting how much inventory to carry, Michelle must review recent orders, determine which clients are due to reorder, and what basic colors to carry.

  12. Taxes Accurate record keeping is necessary. Shel Cosmetics must pay quarterly business taxes. Sales tax is charged on every order and must be paid to the state every quarter. Inventory items used for samples are excluded from the sales tax items and must be accounted for. Yearly business license fees must also be paid.

  13. Educational Background Michelle is a licensed Esthetician and Certified Make Up Artist. In order to become licensed in California, Michelle had to complete an Esthetician program along with 600 hours, then pass a State Board examination. Courses in accounting have also proved helpful.

  14. Lessons learned from my externship at Shel Cosmetics A great deal of research and background is required to make a small business a success. A small business requires a lot of time and resources. A passion for the business helps to make the business a success. Many educational skills are put to use in daily business transactions. My externship has given me a good understanding of the skills and abilities needed to make a small business a success. Make up and fashion are ever changing industries, where research to keep current with the trends is necessary.

  15. Lessons to incorporate into my classroom If you have a passion for something, spend some time and research how you can make a living at it. Many mathematical, reading, and writing skills are used in daily life as a small business owner. Research is key to being a successful business owner.

  16. Thank you to Michelle Fryer and Shel Cosmetics I appreciate all of the time you allowed me to spend watching and learning from you. For more information about Shel Cosmetics, visit: http://shelcosmetics.com/