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Tips and Advice on Transportation of Heavy Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips and Advice on Transportation of Heavy Equipment

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Tips and Advice on Transportation of Heavy Equipment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are searching for expert technicians who can efficiently transport your heavy machine, then connect with the professionals of Universum Heavylift Group. For more info about Heavy Machinery Transportation in Dubai\n

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tips and

Tips and

Advice on


nof Heavy


create a full proof plan

Create a Full

Proof Plan

Plot abrief and easily understandable plan

of action. The objective to start with

penningdown the flow of actions is to

know the necessities and avoid any

mistakes. It is important to mention the

nameof workers with their duties at this


hire the

Hire the


Hiring an expert provider with awell-equipped

teamof technicians andmake your job easier.

They are well versed with the minute details of

tools and advanced technology laced

machinery parts.

check the manual


The technicians should refer to the manufacturer's manual

if the machine is an advanced version. Themanual advice

essential measures to undertake like disconnecting

batteries, securing loose parts, emptying engine fluids, etc.

while preparing it for transportation.

obtain government permission

Obtain Government


Oversizedandoverweight loads require special permits

for transportation and this step youcannot skip atany

cost becausegovernment authorities havecheckpoints set

upat particular locations to ensure traffic is moving

under legal permits.

heavy machinery transportation in dubai

Heavy Machinery

Transportation in


If you are searching for expert technicians whocan

efficiently transport yourheavymachine,thenconnect

with the professionals ofUniversumHeavylift Group.

They are in thebusinessof lifting, shipment,and .

heavy construction equipment rental