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~tain, ten,tent

~tain, ten,tent. Hold. Abs tain (v) Con tain (v.) De tain (v.) Deten tion (n.) Ex tend (v.) Pa tent (n.) Re tain er (n.) Ten ant (n.) Ten don (n.) Tent ative (adj.). Abs tain (v). To hold back from an activity by choice To hold back from voting.

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~tain, ten,tent

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  1. ~tain, ten,tent Hold

  2. Abstain(v) • Contain(v.) • Detain(v.) • Detention(n.) • Extend(v.) • Patent (n.) • Retainer(n.) • Tenant(n.) • Tendon(n.) • Tentative (adj.)

  3. Abstain(v) • To hold back from an activity by choice • To hold back from voting Lucy had to abstain from voting because her mother was one of the candidates.

  4. Contain(v.) • To hold • To have within The movie was so funny that it was difficult for Jake to contain his laughter.

  5. Detain(v.) • To hold back • To delay • To keep from proceeding The passenger was detained from boarding the airplane for safety reasons.

  6. Detention(n.) • A period of time in which someone is held back • A form of punishment by holding someone after school hours When Carl had forgotten his homework for two days he received a detention.

  7. Extend(v.) • To hold out • To unbend • To stretch or spread out • To offer Tori extended her arm to the new classmate.

  8. Patent (n.) • Legal ownership of an invention held by the creator • Exclusive rights or ownership The inventor of the robotic mop filed for a U.S. patent.

  9. Retainer (n.) • Something that holds something else in • A device that holds something in After having her braces removed, Abigail worn a retainer every night to keep her teeth straight.

  10. Tenant (n.) • A holder of land rights • A person who holds the right to live in a residence • An occupant The owner of the apartment building was looking for a tenant for the vacant apartment.

  11. Tendon(n.) • A band of tough fibrous tissue that holds muscle to a bone John had his arm in a cast because he had torn his tendon.

  12. Tentative(v.) • Holding back on the final decision • Hesitant • Not fully agreed upon Tim and Troy had tentative plans to dine at the new restaurant.

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