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SmartFinds Internet Marketing Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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SmartFinds Internet Marketing Analysis

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SmartFinds Internet Marketing Analysis
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SmartFinds Internet Marketing Analysis

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  1. Internet Marketing Analysis “Intelligence to understand how to grow your business”

  2. SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to one thing: helping you drive business through Internet marketing. Today’s web is a game changer for businesses, with powerful new tools for engaging with customers. We leverage our 15 years of experience in the Internet industry to help you create successful online customer relationships, giving you a powerful marketing edge.

  3. Internet Marketing Analysis The volume of information that is available about a website, search terms and competitors is staggering. While much of this information can be “reported”, the real benefit to a business comes from interpreting all data. Data interpretation and analysis for revenue generation.

  4. An examination of the complex, it's elements and their relations

  5. Website Metrics • How does the Internet community perceive your website? • What is the Google Page Rank of each page of your website? • What is your link popularity of your domain name with the top search engines? • What is your traffic rank? • These any many other data points…..

  6. Competitor Metrics • Businesses that sell the same products and services are competitors. • How does the Internet community perceive their website’s data points? • How does your website’s data points measure up against your competitors?

  7. Keyword Analysis • Research your products and services • Know how people seek your products • Find a balance between high search volume and lower competing web pages • Plan a long term goal of terms that may take longer for ranking position. • Plan a short term goal of terms that will take less time for ranking position.

  8. Competition Research • Competition on the Internet is different from a competitor • Competition is any web page that has a keyword or phrase that you are seeking to be ranked. • Competition web pages take up a ranking position in search results. • Know the competing web pages.

  9. Market Research • Other than your website’s metrics, keywords, competition and competitors we need to learn what else is on the Internet regarding your business, your industry, your products and your services. • What is going on in the social space like Forums, Blogs, Networks, Communities. • Where are your customers on the web? • How do you reach them?

  10. Your Strategy, Plan and Execution • It is not enough to gather all the data about the various aspects of your marketing plan. • You have to interpret the data to identify how you will proceed to meet your business objective of growth and revenue.

  11. Review, Review, Review • Don’t forget to check back on your research at regular intervals to see if anything has changed. • Interpret the results of your plan to identify changes need to your plan. • ….or you can have us work through all of the Internet Marketing Analysis for you.

  12. Creative Strategies. Resourceful Methods. Innovative Ideas. Connecting you with the Right Audience. Use the full power of the Internet with us!

  13. Come Visit Us on the Web or Contact Us Toll-Free 866.501.5758