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INTERNET MARKETING. Getting your website to work for you and sell more translation services. 25 th September 2008 3:15pm. Nigel T Packer. Author of NEW BOOK INTERNET MARKETING How to Get a Website that Works for Your Business Business for Business Internet Marketing Consultancy

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  1. INTERNET MARKETING Getting your website to work for you andsell more translation services 25th September 2008 3:15pm

  2. Nigel T Packer • Author of NEW BOOK • INTERNET MARKETING How to Get a Website that Works for Your Business • Business for Business • Internet Marketing Consultancy • Seminars & Workshops

  3. Today’s Seminar • Current state of internet • Who is your website for? • Increase sales by removing barriers • Searching – not just search engines 1 2

  4. Current state online • UK Online sales - first half of 2008 £26.5 billion • 17% of all UK retail sales • Prediction – 50% in 5 years (Capgemini/IMRG) • B2B – 90% buyers research/decide online 1 2

  5. Customers • Who is the website for? • Information seeking behaviour • CUSTOMER (NOT business) focused • Identify, anticipate and ANSWER Questions • In a language the CUSTOMER can understand and engage with 1 2 3

  6. Customer Language • Not just about translation(English, French) • What does the CUSTOMER call it? • Use of English (or other languages) • Readability • Technical/Jargon • Even within industrycan create barriers • Informs Keyword choices

  7. Language usage • 6809 languages in common use (Linguistic society of America) • Is general language use matched by online usage?

  8. Translation for the Web • Translation – language, regional cultural differences by using native speakers • Online other problems arise… • Keywords fundamental to searching - often ignored • Searching behaviour • Search enginesandusers (CUSTOMERS)

  9. Eye Tracking ‘HEATMAP’ • RED: Areas where users looked the most • YELLOW: areas indicate fewer gaze fixations • BLUE: least viewed • GREY: no viewing at all In left-to-right language Heatmap shows ‘F’ shapedreading pattern

  10. Keyword positioning • Positioning in sentences and paragraphs is crucial to searching • Language construction and syntax affects keyword positioning • For Optimal results, translation must accommodate • Reflect this in YOUR website for success.

  11. Your website • Searching primary method of finding YOUR business website • Optimise the site for search engines • Users also have searching behaviour • Can they use it easily? (BACK button) • Does it engender sales or lead generation?

  12. website website website website website B2B Sales timeline (services) • On-sell • FirstOrder • Evaluate/decision • Proposal/terms/scope • Rapport/trust/credibility • Price/Negotiate • Offering/requirements • Introduction

  13. Your website’s job • Your website is your: • Referrer • Receptionist • Sales Representative • Technical and Customer support • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • It is crucial not to underestimate its role in your business

  14. World’s Window • The internet gives YOU the opportunity to look at anything in the world … • Your website gives THE WORLDthe opportunity to look at YOUR business … • What message is YOUR website giving about YOUR business?

  15. What Next • Take ACTION! • Feedback/Evaluation form • Workshops, Diagnostics, Promotion • INTERNET MARKETINGBOOK (for sale here) • contact me:nigel@businessforbusiness.co.ukOR Google “Nigel T Packer”

  16. New Book • A straightforward approach, in non-technical language. • Full of insights and real-world observations, • Practical techniques and actionable strategies, • This book focuses on business – YOUR business. • Get your signed copy £7.99

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