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PBX and Phone Systems

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Small business hosted / virtual PBX VoIP phone systems with auto attendant, voicemail and fax solutions for small businesses.

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pbx and phone systems

PBX and Phone Systems


We Help Your Small Business

Create Big First Impressions

pbx and phone systems2

PBX and Phone Systems

How Does a PBX Phone System Work?

PBX phone system is simply a telephone system that allows a business to receive incoming calls and efficiently distribute them to the right locations. This type of telephone system has a range of integrated features such as call transfer, call forwarding, call distribution to multiple extensions, and much more


pbx and phone systems3

PBX and Phone Systems

How Does a PBX Phone System Work?

Our virtual PBX phone systems require no expensive equipment and no installation. These can be instantly set up over an office phone, home phone or even on a cell phone.


pbx and phone systems4
PBX and Phone Systems

How Will It Help My Business?

  • Look like a “big business” to customers
  • High volume call processing, without giving a busy signal
  • Prioritize your calls
  • No new hardware required; use existing phones
  • Distribute phone calls to team members at any location
  • Transfer calls easily to anyone, anywhere
  • Unify multiple employees at different locations with single phone number


pbx and phone systems5
PBX and Phone Systems

The Perfect PBX Phone Features

  • Professionally recorded outgoing greeting
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Caller ID
  • Voice mail
  • Multiple extensions and departments
  • Changeable caller menu


pbx and phone systems6
PBX and Phone Systems

Virtual PBX phone systems for every imaginable business

  • Direct Messaging – for a 1-person business needing single voice mail or fax
  • Direct Executive – for a 1-person business needing Find-Me, Follow-Me, voice mail, and fax Caller ID
  • Direct Receptionist – for a small business needing multiple extensions for 2-20 people or departments
  • Direct Enterprise – for larger businesses needing a customized call routing, messaging, or interoffice phone system


pbx and phone systems7
PBX and Phone Systems

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