what makes spark a considerable choice for hadoop n.
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What Makes Spark a Considerable Choice for Hadoop MapReduce? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Makes Spark a Considerable Choice for Hadoop MapReduce?

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What Makes Spark a Considerable Choice for Hadoop MapReduce? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A recent survey states that the big data professionals having Spark skills have enjoyed hike in their salary. If we consider the statistics from any part of the world, the conclusion will be- to learn Spark. for more details pls. visit: https://www.madridsoftwaretrainings.com/hadoop.php

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what makes spark a considerable choice for hadoop

What Makes Spark a Considerable Choice for Hadoop MapReduce?

A recent survey states that the big data professionals having Spark skills have enjoyed hike in their

salary. If we consider the statistics from any part of the world, the conclusion will be- to learn Spark. The

big data project known as Spark introduced by the Apache Software Foundation has influenced the

analytics world with its increasing speed. It won’t’ be wrong to say that now Spark can be seen as a

competitor of Hadoop software.

Understanding the Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an excellent framework that is helpful in executing general data analytics over the

distributed system as well as computing clusters like Hadoop. Apache Spark enables in-memory

computations at higher speed while the low latency data process on MapReduce.

It doesn’t replace Hadoop, rather operates atop the already existing Hadoop cluster for accessing the

HDFS or Hadoop Distributed File System. Apache Spark can also process structured data in Hive and

streaming data from Twitter, Flume and HDFS. Madrid Software Trainings provides complete practical

hadoop training in delhi.

What Makes Spark Stand Out?

It has been observed that Real time stream processing is getting popular among all the big data

functions. It means analyze the data as it is captured and feed it back to the user. Spark can also create

difference in the field with its amazing speed. It is excellent when it comes to operating machine

learning algorithms. These are the most critical reasons why Spark is popular and the demand of Spark

developers are on rise.

Hadoop Vs Spark

If you are aware of the latest trends in the world of big data, you must be aware that Hadoop has been

there for quite some time which has made it a most widely used software system for various big data

operations. The advent of Spark has created confusion among many enterprises. Having similar features,

they both boast of their unique features and can produce great results if worked together. So, if you are

making up your mind for Hadoop training, move ahead as it is the right time. Spark big data training will

add benefit to your career if you are already involved in Hadoop oriented functions. Madrid Software

Trainings is rated as the best hadoop institute in delhi by professionals.

in depth overview

In-depth Overview

Whenever there is a discussion on the topic of Hadoop, the comparison with Spark happens. Reason

behind Hadoop’s popularity is that the Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS. At a time, when

organizations were apprehensive about their data yet they could not afford the quantity of storage

space needed, HDFS brought in an easy solution at reasonable price. The other tools offered by Hadoop

like MapReduce were enjoying a decent job. Spark came in and influenced everyone with its speed. It

copies the data into faster RAM memory right from the distributed storage system. Spark’s in memory

operations happen 100 times faster than similar Hadoop tools. But it does not offer any distributed file

storage. So Spark and Hadoop both should work amazingly with each other- Spark for analyzing it in a

flash and HDFS for data storage.

Future of Spark

The main feature of Spark open source software system that appeals users is, it is cheap and affordable.

With the type of functionality and speed offered by Spark, it is just a matter of time when the world

starts looking for Spark developers. The analytics industry is all set to experience a global shortage of

many professionals within coming couple of years. So it is always better to pre plan your career and get

enrolled in Spark big data training.

Apache Spark vs. Hadoop MapReduce

As we know that Apache Spark is helpful in in-memory data processing, while Hadoop MapReduce does

I/O operations on the disc after each and every map and reduces actions. It further boosts Spark’s

processing speed which can outperform Hadoop MapReduce.

It can be said that Apache Spark could replace Hadoop MapReduce but when it comes to Spark, it

requires a lot more memory. MapReduce ends the processes once the job is accomplished, hence it can

operated with some in-disk memory.

Apache Spark works well with iterative computations when cached data is used again and again.

Hadoop MapReduce operates better with data which doesn’t fit in the memory and while other services

need to be executed. Spark is designed for instances where data adjusts in the memory particularly on

individual clusters. Being written in Java, Hadoop MapReduce is difficult to program whereas Apache

Spark is known for its flexibility and ease of usage APIs in languages like Scala, Python and Java.

Professionals can write user-defined functions in Spark as well and they can even add interactive mode

to run commands.

observing its speed flexibility and ease of using

Observing its speed, flexibility and ease of using, Spark can be accepted more widely. Chances are there

that it can replace MapReduce. But we cannot ignore the fact that there are still some areas where

MapReduce will be in demand, especially when non-iterative computation takes place with availability

of limited memory.

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