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controlling roaches the practical approach n.
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controlling roaches: the practical approach PowerPoint Presentation
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controlling roaches: the practical approach

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controlling roaches: the practical approach
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controlling roaches: the practical approach

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  1. Controlling Roaches: The Practical Approach Contact The Professionals at Slug-A-Bug For Real Help Right Now

  2. It’s Just One Roach, Right? You see the roach scurry across your kitchen counter in the middle of the night. But it’s just one, right? Wrong. If you’ve seen one roach, the chances are good that thousands could call your house home, and because they’re nocturnal, you may have a tough time spotting the problem before it’s too late.

  3. Four Common Variations While you could have a variety of roach control problems no matter how clean your home is, there are typically four roach species that inhabit homes in the U.S. • The German Cockroach can have hundreds of babies very quickly, and they’re most likely to be found in your kitchen or in your bathroom. • The Brown Banded Cockroach lives primarily in hot, dry areas of the country. They tend to nest in higher locations in your home, like cabinets. • Oriental Cockroaches are often called Water Bugs, and they’re drawn to the humid areas of your home. • American Cockroaches are found in warm, humid conditions throughout the United States.

  4. Infestation Causes There are many causes at play when a roach infestation occurs. Keeping things as clean as possible is a good first step in dealing with roaches. You should also inspect anything that comes into your house (luggage, boxes, crates) to make sure you are not inviting unwanted guests. Dealing with leaks, drain problems, or condensation issues as well as cracks and crevices in your house as soon as possible is also important.

  5. Can I Handle Treatment On My Own? When most people see a roach, the first instinct is to grab a can of pesticide. The reality, however, is that this will do you little good. One roach can produce up to thirty-thousand offspring for one roach. If you see one roach, it’s time to call in the professionals.

  6. A comprehensive Approach Professional roach exterminators will take a comprehensive approach to the problem. From natural roach treatments to physically keeping them out of your home with today’s most advanced technology, we’ll help you identify the issue and take the steps to keep them from haunting you in the future.

  7. How Long Does Treatment Take? While the length of roach treatment may depend a bit on the level of infestation, most treatments can take up to a month to be completed.

  8. Schedule a free evaluation Slug-A-Bug is the largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County, and we’re the only company that offers the solutions you need to protect your home from cockroach infestation.