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Broadband – ISP Services- Value added Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Broadband – ISP Services- Value added Services

Broadband – ISP Services- Value added Services

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Broadband – ISP Services- Value added Services

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  1. Broadband – ISP Services- Value added Services October 13, 2009

  2. Agenda Objectives and Meeting Ground Rules Introduction of Discussion Leads Inquiry for Frontier Broadband & ISP Service Overview Value Added Services Overview West Virginia Specific Discussion SpinCo Questions and Answers Summary

  3. Inquiry for Frontier • Verizon wants to understand Frontier’s intent post-exit for various features and products/service in order to work collaboratively in notifying and transitioning customers. • Will Frontier continue to support all the Verizon Services and 3rd party products?

  4. Verizon’s current Broadband & ISP Services Broadband Services • Dial-Up Internet • Consumer HSI • Business HSI • HSI TDRL • HSI UNE-P • HSI Dry Loop • FiOS Internet* • Dedicated Internet Access • Non-Affiliate DSL • BTAS • FTAS • Wi-Fi ISP Services • What’s Next • Registration, Activation & Provisioning (RAP) • Email (.net) • Email (Link) • Email (Yahoo, AOL, MSN) • Domain Name Email • DNS Assist • Web Hosting • Personal Web Space Portals • Consumer Portal • Small Business Portal • Portal Choice (Yahoo, AOL, MSN) Realignment & Migration Approach: provides for migration of ISP customers and associated ISP products/services (including customer facing online properties) *Not available in West Virginia **CPE includes HSI Gateway, HSI Modem, FiOS BB Home Router

  5. In-Service Counts* *West Virginia data only available at this time

  6. Value Added Services Oct. 13, 2009

  7. Overview of Value Added Services • In 2006, Verizon implemented VASIP, and moved from a referral/agency VAS model to a model where Verizon performs key functions of the value chain. • Provides the ability to offer branded value added services that are ordered, billed and supported by Verizon. • Enables content providers (from large to niche) to effectively interconnect with Verizon’s network and systems to leverage some of our core capabilities (network, billing, care, marketing, sales channels) as part of distributing products and services to customers • VAS Products and Services • Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) • Verizon on line Backup and sharing (VOBS) • Games on Demand (GoD) • Starz Play • Expert Care • Premium Technical Support (PTS) • Encrypted Mail (formerly Secure Mail) • Encrypted Docs • Verizon Collaboration Center (VCC) • Verizon Merchant Services (VMS) • VAS Product Bundles • Essential Internet Paks • Security & Backup Bundle • Equipment Protection Plans • GoD & VoD entertainment bundle • Data Protection Services

  8. Value Added Services Integration Platform (VASIP) Platform enables implementation of a comprehensive premium services strategy: Open, or payment processor, enables payment processing and co-marketing for a wide range of content providers Closed, or reseller, enabling operator to market and resell strategic content with a select group of content providers Open Model allows VOL to work as a Clearinghouse for various Partners / Lines of Business; Generates new revenue stream as % of transactions facilitated Enables advanced VAS payment models Prepaid (Annual Plans) Credit Card billing of VAS charges Apply VAS charges to Broadband bill Provides easy-to-use and flexible tools to create and manage a variety of service and content packages, offers and promotions Revenue Sharing & Settlement Module

  9. VISS & VOBS Verizon Internet Security Suite Vendor: RadialPoint / McAfee (as of mid-Dec, 2009) Internet Security Suite offering PC and Mac protection with the following features: Anti-Virus, Firewall, Parental Controls, Anti-Spyware (PC only), Fraud Protection (PC Only), Advance Protection (PC Only) PC Tune-up (PC Only), Pop-Up Blocker (PC Only), Privacy Manager (PC Only), and Wi-Fi Security (PC Only) Offers: 3, 6, 9 PC/Mac support; MRC or annual plans (grandfathered); static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services Verizon Online Backup & Sharing • Vendor: DigiData (BigVault) • Verizon Online Backup and Sharing service includes the use of the following four applications: • Online Backup is software downloaded to your personal computer. Once installed the software automatically backs up selected files and folders to your online storage location. • Online Sharing is a web site where subscribers can selectively upload and download files and folders to their private account on the Verizon network. • Online Share Drive is software that works with Microsoft operating systems, and must be installed on your personal computer. Once installed, you can right click on a file or folder to share it instantly. • Verizon Mobile Backup and Sharing (GA on Sept. 20th, 2009) automatically uploads the photos one takes with their wireless device to the online storage via select BlackBerry smart phones. • Offers: 5, 25, 50, 150, 250 GB increments; static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services

  10. GoD & StarzPlay Verizon Games on Demand Vendor: Exent Subscription service that allows users to pay one flat fee to download and play games from a library of over 1400 PC titles. Games are full-version, exactly as you’d buy in the store. Offers: 3 tiers of game packages; static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services • Verizon StarzPlay • Vendor: Starz • Starz Play is a the video download service from Starz Entertainment. • Starz Play carries all the great movies of the Starz and Encore networks with some additional content exclusive to the online service. • Starz Play membership offers you first-run hit movies, independent films, westerns, classics, TV shows, extreme sports videos, music concerts, anime, and more. • Starz Play also features a live, streaming feed of the premium Starz TV channel. • Members can access Starz Play from up to three different devices (computer, laptop, or portable video player) with their subscription. • Offers: standalone and static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services

  11. Expert Care & PTS Expert Care Vendor: Asurion Verizon Expert Care Device Protection Plans offer protection for computers, TVs and telephones in the home. Features may vary by plan but can include: Coverage of eligible equipment in case of malfunction, regardless of brand, age or size, including TV and some computer accessories such as OEM remote controls, keyboards, mouse, routers, modems, caller ID units, and FiOS batteries. One low monthly fee instead of a large one-time payment to repair or replace devices In-home repair or repair via shipment to a convenient repair depot Offers: Verizon Protection Pak Enhanced Verizon Protection Pak Verizon Pc Protection Plan Verizon TV Protection Plan Verizon Telephone Protection Plan Standalone and static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services • Premium Technical Support • Vendor: Plum Choice • Verizon Premium Technical Support offers customers 24x7 telephone support for a wide variety of hardware, software and technical issues not covered by Verizon’s standard technical support. • Verizon customers receive access to certified specialists for help with issues such as virus and spyware removal, networking configuration, hardware, software and operating system problems, firewall support and more. • Offers: standalone and static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services. Sells other VAS services as well.

  12. VCC & VMS Verizon Collaboration Center Vendor: Cisco WebEx Web based collaboration suite: Instantly connect and collaborate with remote colleagues. Create an online space for each of your teams. Access shared team documents instantly. With the optional Web Meeting add-on, your can see, start and join Web meetings right from the shared space. Work with others as if they’re in the same room using professional project-oriented virtual spaces. Add your contacts and see your calendar. See which colleagues are online and available. Instantly launch desktop sharing. Sign up for a year of Verizon Collaboration Center, and there's just a simple monthly subscription fee, so it’s easy to implement and easy to scale as your needs grow. Choose from a growing library of applications to help manage projects, sales processes and online training. Applications are delivered on demand without the usual up-front investment and maintenance costs. Offers: Collaboration Center dynamic bundles (license packs; web meetings & additional storage add on components) • Verizon Merchant Services • Vendor: Chase Merchant Services, Chase Paymentech • Verizon and Chase Paymentech provide fast and convenient credit card processing for Verizon business customers. • With Verizon Merchant Services, business customers can offer their clients and customers more payment options and rapid checkout. • Process transactions quickly and reliably with credit card and debit card processing powered by Chase Paymentech and Verizon High Speed Internet for Business. • Offers: standalone MRC • Marketing agreement

  13. Data Protection Encrypted Mail Vendor: Echoworx Encrypted Mail helps you to protect the privacy of your email communications. Subscribers can send encrypted messages from their existing email applications. Messages are digitally signed by the sender and encrypted such that only the intended recipient can unlock them. Offers: standalone and static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services • Encrypted Docs • Vendor: Echoworx • Encrypted Docs encrypts sensitive information stored on all forms of computer media, including disk drives, network share and USB keys. • Offers: standalone and static bundles with Access services, other Value Added Services

  14. YTD Revenue by Vendor – West Virginia * Merchant Services not directed billed (no MRC); revenue share agreement with Chase

  15. West Virginia Discussion Questions Initial Feedback on Vz inquiry Next Steps

  16. Agenda Objectives and Meeting Ground Rules Introduction of Discussion Leads Broadband & ISP Service Overview Value Added Services Overview West Virginia Specific Discussion SpinCo Questions and Answers Summary

  17. Summary

  18. Back up

  19. VOL Services, Provisioning, and Support Systems

  20. VASIP Partners The VASIP ecommerce platform provides standardized “rules” for third parties to onboard them and integrate into our service model – providing Verizon greater scalability, flexibility and value creation in our offerings Partners Value Added Services Integrated Platform (VASIP) RadialPoint Verizon Internet Security Suite Verizon Systems BigVault - DigiData Verizon Online Backup and Sharing Marketing Exent Verizon Games On Demand Portals Sales Asurion/Plum Choice Verizon Expert Care Order & Fulfillment Fulfillment • Active provisioning model • Passive provisioning model • Extensive fallout management capabilities • 360 degree view of order with inbuilt workflow and fallout management Starz Verizon Starz Play SSO Oberon Media Verizon Arcade Billing Billing Payment Gateway Echoworks Verizon Secure Mail Financials System Settlements Support Hostway Verizon Web Hosting Controls and Balances / Metrics Chase Verizon Merchant Services Webex Verizon Flex for Business, Collaboration center