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Picture Books

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Picture Books. Danielle Schirtzinger EDU 291. Genre: Picture Books. Picture book- a popular form of illustrated works with few words and mostly pictures. History of Picture Books.

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Picture Books

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    1. Picture Books Danielle Schirtzinger EDU 291

    2. Genre: Picture Books Picture book- a popular form of illustrated works with few words and mostly pictures

    3. History of Picture Books • Coming of the 1920’s more and more children became more literate and machines made to conduct mass quantities therefore the picture book industry was born. 1920’s

    4. So what about picture books? • Picture books are mostly aimed at young children. • They include little words and speak through the illustrations. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

    5. Most Popular Picture Books

    6. Influential Picture Books Cat in the Hat ChickaChicka Boom Boom Swimmy There was an old lady who Swallowed a Fly Komodo! Lyle Lyle Crocodile Corduroy

    7. Most Influential Authors of Picture books Dr. Seuss Chris Van Allsburg Dr. Seuss Chris Van Allsburg Roald Dahl Shel Silverstein Avi Cynthia Rylant Roald Dahl Shel Silverstein

    8. Reasons for using picture books in the classroom Boosts reading comprehension Entertaining as well as educational Introduces art and other aspects through reading Gives the visual learner another option for learning.

    9. How to use picture books in the classroom • Use the pictures in younger age classes so the pictures are understood. • Picture books can be used as informational to life skills. • Have your students learn to organize and chronological skills by making them create their own picture book.

    10. How picture books adhere to the student Students see picture books as entertainment and not reading. What they do not know is that they are learning a lot just from looking at the picture. Pop up picture books are good for the visual learner and just for pure entertainment.

    11. Picture Books are inspired by cultures around the world! This makes students more culturally aware! The Girl who Spun Gold African retell of “Rumpelstiltskin” Picture Books Go Global! The Rough Face Girl Native American Folktale TikkiTikkiTembo Asian Folktale Abuela’s Weave Mexican Folklore

    12. My Top Picks of Picture Books All picture books have a story, but these books in particular are the top of my list because they aren’t just entertainment, all of these books are educational as well.

    13. Illustration has an impact on picture books Illustration is the sole reason picture books exist. Here is an excellent example of picture books with unique and inspiring illustration. The Invention of Hugo Cabret Brian Selznick ( Author & Illustrator)

    14. Picture Books help students Comprehensive skills Some students do not read well and use picture books to understand the story. This will help the student along their way to better comprehensive skills.

    15. Example from: Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? Bill Martin Jr. Eric Carle In this book, the bear goes on adventures. This book is a great way to get students to comprehend colors. Instead of lecturing, give them a BOOK!

    16. Common morals and topics in picture books Friendship Many authors create similar morals in picture books to teach fundamental skills that every child must acquire Domestics

    17. Examples From: My Friend Rabbit My Friend Rabbit is about a mischevious bunny who always has to get help from his best friend. This teaches children the basics of friendship and respect between friends Blueberries for Sal Blueberries for Sal is about a little girl and a bear looking for blueberries with their mothers. The beginning of this book shows the domestic side of life, cooking etc.

    18. Picture books have a spot in our students future Picture books are with us as we grow up and we dwell and remember them when we are long grown out of them. Picture Books teach us the fundamentals of life in cute colorful pictures. We learn these fundamentals and remember, hey I learned that in a picture book!

    19. Example from: Germs make me Sick! Melvin Berger This book explains how bacteria and viruses affect the human body and how the human body fights off the viruses. This book as children teaches the basics of how you get sick and how to prevent it from happening!

    20. How have picture books influenced you? Think back about a time that you read a picture book whether as a child or adult and it actually had an effect on what you did or how you did things. Did it stay with you all of the time?

    21. Resourses For Teachers: • www.canteach.ca This website gives lesson plans and fun ideas that you can apply with your students from that particular book. [ 2 thumbs up!] • www.primaryresourses.co.uk This website also gives out lesson plans specific to the subject taught. It gives ideas for games, and other tools to use while teaching. • http://kids.nypl.org/reading/recommended2.cfm?ListID=61 This is the website that has the top 100 picture books that everyone should know. This can be very informative as to what the books is about to see whether or not to use it in the classroom!

    22. Cat in the Hat Goodnight Moon Most suggested picture books to read in the classroom Polar Express Owl Moon Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? There are some picture books that just HAVE to be taught and read in the classroom ! John Henry My Friend Rabbit Stellaluna Where’s Spot?

    23. Caldecott award winners Caldecott Award Winners from previous years. The gold circles symbolize the award given to the book with the most promise as an influential children's picture book!

    24. Conclusion Picture Books may be small and just include pictures, but they have a huge impact on the future and academics of students. Don’t underestimate the power of reading!

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