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Treatments For Hair Loss | Best Hair loss Treatment In Bangalore

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Treatments For Hair Loss | Best Hair loss Treatment In Bangalore

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  2. Hair loss is one of the most common things among everyone and everyone has to go through it at some or the other points of their lives. Doctors should be able to differentiate between hair loss and hair breakage with the amount of loss of hair Balding is really common in men and women due to their change in hormones at a certain age. Thyroid is also one of the reasons for hair loss. There are proper medicines that can help in reducing the hair fall. If you provide good nutrition to the hair, the hair fall might not take place. Some of the blood tests can also be done in order to check the particular reason behind the hair fall.


  4. CAUSES AND RISKS RELATED TO HAIR FALL As there are many kinds of hair that are present in this world, it is really difficult to come up with one reason for hair loss. Still, as per doctors, the most common reason is the normal un-scarred scalp skin. The common medical term for this situation is alopecia. It is a myth that diet or some internal disease has something to do with the hair loss. The basic reason behind hair loss can be ageing. Mostly men and women started suffering hair loss while they enter into their 30’s and 40’s. They might also start feeling thinning of hair while they are in their mid ages. Tension, mental torture and hormonal changes are also the common reasons behind hair loss and hair thinning. Women do have hair loss while they are in their menopause as it is the most common feature of that age. So it is absolutely normal to have hair loss as everyone has to go through it at some point of time.

  5. Also, some of the diseases like thyroid, iron deficiency and syphilis can also be the reasons behind the hair loss and hair thinning. In order to confirm the reason, the doctors might have to do some blood tests so that they can see that if these diseases are the only reasons or if there is any other reason behind the hair fall and hair thinning. If there are some treatable reasons, the doctors should be able to treat that reason and if not, then they would let you know what the other alternatives of the situation are.


  7. WHO CAN TREAT HAIR LOSS? You can contact a family physician, an internist and a gynecologist who can help you in understanding the situation for better. If you need an advance treatment, then you can go ahead and visit a dermatologist who specializes in the problems of skin, hair and nails and they may provide treatment for hair thinning and loss. At times, the doctor may also suggest a hair biopsy as well in order to understand the situation for better and they might also be able to design the treatment accordingly. There is nothing to be scared off hair biopsy.

  8. The doctors might tell you that may be the reason behind the hair loss can be because of the drugs but the fact is that most of the drugs do not have the side effects as hair loss. If you suffer from cancer, then chemotherapy or radiation therapy can also be the reason behind the hair loss and thinning. But you do not have to worry about it because the hair usually regrows after 6 to 12 months, so it is not a permanent hair loss. You should take it in a positive way that it is also a phase that would just pass away.


  10. WHAT ARE THE TREATMENTS AVAILABLE? ROGAINE: It helps in the modest regrowth of hair on the areas of the scalp that has gone bald. It works on the hair follicles so that they can reverse the shrinkage and should be able to stimulate hair growth. The promising effects can be seen on the people of the young age and lesser effects on those people who might be in their mid ages. The solution should be applied on the bald areas till the time the hair regrows. At the time, the medicine might also cause some irritation as well, so contact the doctor in that case.


  12. HAIR TRANSPLANT: Hair transplant is one of the most common treatments suggested by the doctors and to be very frank, it is also the most successful treatment for patients. The doctors go through the case thoroughly with the patients and then they both decide that they will have to go for the hair transplant. It is an easy and fruitful treatment. The chances of the success are higher in this treatment. Do not have any kind of doubts in your mind with regard to this treatment.

  13. LASER TREATMENT: Laser treatment is the best treatment for hair loss and hair thinning. It is most common for those patients who want to get away from any kind of major side effects of hair loss. If someone tells you that there are some side effects of this treatment, then do not believe them and do not forget to clear every doubt about this treatment with your doctor so that you do not have any kind of doubt left in your mind before you actually go for this treatment. Trust yourself and your doctor fully!


  15. IN THE END… All these treatments would be decided by your doctors after going through your conditions and the case. You should surely trust your doctor because he or she is a professional and know what exactly needs to be done in your case. So do not have any worries while you are going for any of these treatments because the doctors know what they are doing. All you have to do is just to trust them and nothing else. Everything will be fine and it will go as it is expected to be. All the best for all these treatments!


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