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NHS Bolton CCG

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NHS Bolton CCG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NHS Bolton CCG
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  1. NHS Bolton CCG Lucy Ettridge, Head of Communications and Engagement

  2. What is NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group? • Bolton CCG is a new NHS organisation. • Member organisation made up of 50 GP practices. • We buy health services for Bolton people. • We are responsible for making sure that people have the health care services they need, that the services are safe and deliver high quality care. • We have to deliver this within the budget set by the government.

  3. Our principals

  4. Our priorities

  5. The NHS needs to change • The number of older people is increasing, including over 80s. • Increased need for health and social care. • Increasing levels of dementia. • In 5 years time in Bolton: • an extra 180 people living in a care homes in Bolton. • an extra 1,600 people aged over 65 who are unable to manage at least one self-care activity on their own. • But we’ll won’t get enough money from the government to pay for all the services we need. This means to invest in new services that meet the health needs of Bolton people, the CCG needs to save money elsewhere.

  6. What does this mean for you? • We want to work with public and patients in changing our NHS. • Aim through communicating and engaging people, services commissioned by the CCG will reflect the needs of Bolton people, and people trust and support the decisions we make. • We will become a listening organisation. • It’s our priority to support practices to engage with their patients. • With Healthwatch Bolton, we want to work with all forums to develop, and share ideas and issues to improve health care in Bolton.