a young 18 year old boy n.
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A Young 18 Year old Boy

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A Young 18 Year old Boy . Brooklyn leadership. Teachers & peers.

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a young 18 year old boy
A Young 18 Year old Boy

Brooklyn leadership

Teachers & peers

A lot of help from everybody even wen you don’t need help till you really need help .alot of teachers push us forward so we can do better. peers talk to us about doing the rite thing but if other peers don’t listen its nothing nobody could do but them self

Alternative School that helps kid achieve credits I am a young man who goes to Brooklyn leadership Im 18 and try to graduate and be a susscessful young man

dig it
Dig it
  • Taught me a lot since Ive been on this site
  • Teaches you how to use the computer and how to make power points
  • Teaches you how to help friends and disscuss things that’s wrong with your work and theres
dig for goals and achievements
Dig For Goals And Achievements
  • Work hard in every thing you do from day one
  • Never let your self down always keep your head up
  • Find different things you like and stribe for your goal
  • Football
  • Go karting
  • Paintballing
  • basketball
elective summer class
Elective Summer Class
  • I’m taking this elective class for summer school so I can get credits I hope to get a good grade and get out of high school its fun using the computer and doing work on it this is like the second time I actually did this and it has my interest