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Renaissance Notes

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Renaissance Notes. Unit 3 – Ms. Doyle. Page 2: Renaissance Notes. Agenda: Notes The Prince – GIST Finish brochures , if time Homework: Quiz tomorrow on renaissance! -Why did renaissance begin? -Important renaissance people -What came from the renaissance?. Humanism and Renaissance Art.

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renaissance notes

Renaissance Notes

Unit 3 – Ms. Doyle

page 2 renaissance notes
Page 2: Renaissance Notes


  • Notes
  • The Prince – GIST
  • Finish brochures, if time


Quiz tomorrow on renaissance!

-Why did renaissance begin?

-Important renaissance people

-What came from the renaissance?

humanism and renaissance art
Humanism and Renaissance Art
  • Humanism was a new approach to learning that included history and languages.
  • Artists used Greek and Roman history and Arab mathematics to create a new realism in their work.
trade routes from italy to the rest of europe
Trade routes from Italy to the rest of Europe

Italy’s trade carried the new Renaissance ideas to France, England, Spain and the German States from when the Renaissance began in Italy in roughly 1400 A.D until Italy lost its trading dominance in the 1500’s.

political ideas of the renaissance
Political Ideas of the Renaissance

Niccolò Machiavelli

The Prince

Machiavelli believed:

“One can make this generalization about men: they are ungrateful, fickle, liars, and deceivers, they shun danger and are greedy for profit”

Machiavelli observed city-state rulers of his day and produced guidelines for the acquisition and maintenance of power by absolute rule.

He felt that a ruler should be willing to do anything to maintain control without worrying about conscience.


Better for a ruler to be feared than to be loved

  • Ruler should be quick and decisive in decision making
  • Ruler keeps power by any means necessary
  • The end justifies the means
  • Be good when possible, and evil when necessary