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Renaissance. 1485-1660. English Renaissance. The English renaissance began in Italy in the fourteenth century and lasted into the sixteenth century. Renaissance means “rebirth” It refers particularly to renewed interest in classical learning . Major Characteristics of the Renaissance.

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english renaissance
English Renaissance
  • The English renaissance began in Italy in the fourteenth century and lasted into the sixteenth century.
  • Renaissance means “rebirth”
  • It refers particularly to renewed interest in classical learning
major characteristics of the renaissance
Major Characteristics of the Renaissance

Renewal of Classical Literature

2. Humanism

  • During the start of the renaissance most people had forgotten how to read Greek and they used a form of Latin that was different from most.
  • As the renaissance continued people discovered the old Greek and Latin Classical writers and began read them instead of just church doctrines
  • This lead to curiosity, new thought, and an new spirit
  • Humanism was an intellectual movement that emphasized the value of human beings, individual and collectively
  • It focused attention on human life here and now as well as eternally
  • It used the Latin and Greek classics combined with traditional Christian thought to teach people how to live and how to rule.

Answered questions like: What is a human being? What is a good life? How do I lead a good life?

3. Printing Press

4. Protestant Reformation

  • The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1455.
  • This invention made it possible to mass produce books
  • Which in turn made them available to even the poorest
  • It spread information, giving people a new knowledge and an ability to think for themselves.
  • The reformation began because people rejected the authority of the pope and the Italian churchmen.
  • Englishmen had strong feeling of patriotism and national identify and they resented the financial burdens imposed on them by the Vatican
  • This along with new knowledge lead the unavoidable break with the Catholic Church in the 1530s
5. Defeat of the Spanish Armada
  • Under King Philip orders, Spain attacked England with the Spanish Armada ( a vast fleet of war ships) in 1588
  • However, England won defeat Spain
  • In doing so they assured the their independence from the powerful Catholic countries of the Mediterranean.
6 the tudor rule 1485 1603
6. The Tudor Rule (1485-1603)
  • Henry VII – brought peace and stability to England
  • Henry VIII – Created the church of England, crook and philanthropy
  • Edward VI – became king at 9 years-old – told what to do by a Lord Protector ( his uncle)
  • Mary I – daughter of henry 8th, a devout Catholic – revoked all of fathers changes. Called “Bloody Mary” because of the large number of Protestant followers she murdered
  • Elizabeth I – daughter of henry 8th, a protestant
            • A successful woman in a man’s world
            • Combining the Roman Catholic theologies with the new freer thinking Protestant ideas to create the Church of England.
            • Supporting exploration and colonization, the development of better ships, pirates and the slave trade.
            • Defeated Spanish Armada
            • For not marrying but using both her exceptional intelligence and her good looks to get powerful men to do what she wanted.

The Tudors created the English Reformation and Renaissance leading the into a freer “think for yourself culture”

They brought peace to England after 150 years of continuous warfare.