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Culture and Spatial Diffusion

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Culture and Spatial Diffusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Culture and Spatial Diffusion. What is culture?. Definition  knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by a group.

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what is culture
What is culture?

Definition  knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by a group

Ty Wigginton disparó dos jonrones contra Aaron Harang, Brandon Backe lanzó buena pelota hasta la séptima entrada, y los Astros de Houston superaron el jueves por 3-2 a los Rojos de Cincinnati.

orso family culture analysis
Orso Family Culture Analysis

Me – New York

Other music I like for foreign countries:

Reggae - Jamaica

Baltimore – many Irish immigrants



New York

orso family culture analysis2
Orso Family Culture Analysis

Grandma Liz

- At her house…

orso family culture analysis3
Orso Family Culture Analysis

Grandma Joan

- At her house…

characteristics of culture





Task  Record an example of your culture for each of the elements of culture to the left.

Characteristics of Culture

World’s Religions

Major Religions

  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Confucianism
What conclusion can you draw from this graph?

 Islam and Christianity have an impact on a majority of the World’s cultures.

spatial diffusion
Spatial Diffusion
  • Definition - The spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior.

Spread of Culture

Spread of Economic Activities

cultural diffusion orso example
Cultural Diffusion – Orso Example


  • Italian
  • Mexican


 Spanish style house


  • English
  • Baltimore and New York Accents


  • Christianity


  • East Coast Rap
  • Southern Rock

Task  Create an explanation for cultural diffusion and write it in your notebook.

cultural diffusion
Cultural Diffusion
  • How is cultural diffusion evident in your culture?
  • Return to your list of cultural elements that you created previously.

 Write the country or region of origin for each element.


= place where major religion originated







Tribal Religions

Which religion has diffused to every livable continent?

religion and diffusion
Religion and Diffusion
  • Each major religion has diffused (spread) from its original location.
  • Predict how this happened.
    • Write My Prediction 

***How did the spread of religions change the culture of the regions that they spread to?

New Religious Beliefs

New Rituals

New Holidays

New Foods

New Traditions

make a diffusion t chart
Make a diffusion t-chart

Directions add the 3 Aids and 3 barriers on the following slides to your chart.

physical features that aid help in diffusion
Physical Features that AID (help) in diffusion
  • Rivers – serve as transportation routes
physical features that aid help in diffusion1
Physical Features that AID (help) in diffusion

2. Plains – flat land allows for easy travel

3. Harbors (2 types) – allow transportation and trade between foreign countries


Natural Harbors


How does the topography of San Francisco help trade?

- The shape of the land creates a natural harbor.

San Francisco

physical features that block spatial diffusion1
Physical features that block spatial diffusion

2. Mountains – act as a barrier, block travel


Physical features that block spatial diffusion

3. Ocean – too big to travel across

Tasks: Give two examples of technology that allow people to overcome these 3 barriers to diffusion.

divide your paper in half
Left Side: Cartoon A

Sketch a cartoon of daily life in a country that has no barriers to diffusion

Include evidence of physical features that aid diffusion

Right Side: Cartoon B

Sketch a cartoon of daily life in a country that has each barrier to diffusion

Include all physical features that are barriers to diffusion

Create new examples of culture that were never able to diffuse.

Divide your paper in half