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Smart Phones

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Smart Phones. Eric Bruner, Henry Glennon , Shurti Kataria , Mathew Stanton, & Samantha Tan . History. Developed and released in 1993 IBM developed the first smartphone known as “Simon” Smartphones have evolved into very small computers

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Smart Phones

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smart phones

Smart Phones

Eric Bruner, Henry Glennon,

ShurtiKataria, Mathew Stanton,

& Samantha Tan

  • Developed and released in 1993
  • IBM developed the first smartphone known as “Simon”
  • Smartphones have evolved into very small computers
  • The first Palm OS-powered smartphone was the QUALCOMM pdQ in 1999: combined a digital phone with a Palm organizer
  • Convience of both a PC and Phone
  • Upload and download documents
  • Take notes
  • Syncs to computer (upload contacts to computer)
  • Plays videos and music files with Windows Media Player Mobile
  • Combines PDA with phone
  • Can add Applications (Bluetooth, GPS navigation software, Games)
  • Instant Access to Internet
  • Has as a QVGA-resolution color screen (320x240)
  • Price: Most smartphones cost around $200, and carrier plans become much more expensive.
  • Size: Smartphones are larger than common mobile phones, and can make typing uncomfortable.
  • Coverage: National coverage is still developing, causing gaps in network coverage.
  • Complexity: Navigating menus can be difficult for new users.
  • Limited Programming: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint not available for smartphones.
  • Several different smartphones in the market, including:
    • G-phone (Google Phone) [newest one]
    • Apple I-phone (3G)
  • Best smartphones to buy:
    • AT&T Tilt
    • RIM BlackBerry Curve (aka BlackBerry 8320)
    • Samsung SCH-i760
    • Nokia N95
    • Palm Centro
why buy a smartphone
Why buy a smartphone?
  • They provide instant access to the Web
  • Many smartphones and PDAs allow you to sync with your desktop computer.
  • You can also receive and respond to emails as they arrive in your inbox on your desktop computer with real-time push email.
  • Smartphones can also serve as multimedia devices, so your entertainment goes with you.
  • Multimedia devices, so your entertainment goes with you. They can store and display pictures and videos of friends and family or entire feature-length movies.
  • Most smartphones even take pictures and capture video, but the most common multimedia function is the ability to play mp3s—sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite tunes while traveling or during a break.
at t tilt
AT&T Tilt
  • Most powerful smartphone for business users
    • ability to work in Word and Excel files
  • QWERTY keyboard behind 2.8” touchscreen
    • Screen tilts 40 degrees
  • WiFi, GPS & Bluetooth included
  • Connectivity is quick through AT&T's HSDPA network
  • Windows Mobile
  • Supports Blackberry Connect software
  • Cost: $ 199.99
apple iphone 3g
Apple iPhone 3G
  • Best multimedia smartphone.
  • 8 GB -$200/16 GB-$400/AT&T service contract.
  • New software adds Microsoft Exchange support for business.
  • Includes the ability to use AT&T's speedier 3G HSDPA network (where available) and has greatly improved call quality.
  • Delivers the Internet on the
  • Great multimedia player.
  • Fantastic user interface and GPS.
  • Web pages displayed perfectly.
  • Navigation on its touch screen is great.
blackberry curve 8320
BlackBerry Curve 8320
  • Email connectivity is amazing
  • Call quality is excellent
  • QWERTY keyboard (spacious and easy to use)
  • Not very good multimedia
  • WiFi & Bluetooth included
  • Cannot edit documents
  • est. $350 with Verizon service contract
samsung sch i760
Samsung SCH-i760
  • Windows-based
  • 1.3-megapixel camera
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Windows 6 professional software and can edit documents
  • Best service:T-Mobile
  • Uses the fast EVDO data network for quick downloads
  • $300 with T-Mobile service contract
  • 2.8-inch display and a full QWERTY keyboard
palm centro
Palm Centro
  • Slimmer size
  • Easy use
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch Screen
  • Good option for first smartphone
  • Cost: $ 99.99 – 519.99
operating systems
Operating Systems
  • Current smartphones employ one of four OS:
    • Palm OS
    • Research In Mo-tion BlackBerry
    • Symbian
    • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian has the largest share in most markets worldwide, but lags behind other companies in the relatively small but highly visible North American market
    • Unfortunately, hinders the potential for a truly widely accepted mobile application platform
opinions eric
Opinions (Eric)
  • I am an iphone user
  • I like that I can access my e-mail anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile games and lots of third party apps from itunes store
  • GPS and Google maps is very convenient
  • I can watch movies and listen to my music
  • Surf the web
  • Smartphones make general communication a lot easier.
  • Cost:
  • Lacks common Windows programs:
  • Limited regional coverage:
  • 150 Smartphone viruses:
  • Crazy systems glitches:
  • PPCProsCons.aspx
  • History