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Proven Winners

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Proven Winners. Presenters: Lara Rowles M att Johnson Tom Kirby Vendors: Four Star Greenhouses Pleasant View Gardens Euro American Propagators. Highlights and Notes. Positives: Exciting new introductions for 2014-2015 season.

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Proven Winners

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    1. Proven Winners • Presenters: • Lara Rowles • Matt Johnson • Tom Kirby • Vendors: • Four Star Greenhouses • Pleasant View Gardens • Euro American Propagators

    2. Highlights and Notes Positives: • Exciting new introductions for 2014-2015 season. • Continued strong marketing push to include TV, print, radio, billboard and on-line campaigns. Negatives: • Many introductions are current successful seed varieties on the market.

    3. Key Points: Supertunia Black Cherry Unique burgundy red flower with a black throat. Early flowering and good branching. 8”-12” height and 18”-24” spread Vigor 3 Petunia version of Pomegranate Punch.

    4. Key Points: CupheaVermillionaire Total hummingbird magnet Extreme heat and humidity tolerance. Drought tolerant Not prone to oedema 18”-26” height and 12”-24” spread Full to part sun

    5. Key Points: Lobularia Dark Knight Continuous masses of deep purple flowers. Darkest purple on the market. No seed set. Great cold tolerance. 10-15” height and 18-36” spread. 75% the vigor of the Princess series.

    6. Key Points Sutera Snowstorm Blue Bubbles • New addition to the Snowstorm collection. • Double blue flowers create strong color coverage. • Vigor 2 • Full Sun • Ideal for 4.25” Grande containers, hanging baskets or upright combinations. • 3-6” height; 12-14” spread.

    7. Supertunia Limoncello Key Points: Soft yellow flower Replaces Supertunia Citrus and, corrects previous pH Issues. Much better cold tolerance. Strong vigor, habit and disease resistance. 10-15” height and 20-28” spread Week 9 bloom time.

    8. Key Points: Euphorbia Diamond Delight Most floricifc double Euphorbia on the market. Great heat tolerance. 75% vigor of Diamond Frost. 10-12” height and 10-12” spread. Solid canopy fills open voids in combos.

    9. Key Points: Cleome Pequena Rosalita A more compact version of Senorita Rosalita. Great landscape plant in the south because it remains more compact in a longer growing season. Thornlessand Sterile. Works well in combos 18-36” height and 18-36” spread.

    10. Pansiola Anytime Series • A new series for Proven Winners. • Four colors in series. • Features the best traits of pansy and viola. • Cool-season crop blooms, and heat tolerant. • Good for containers, baskets and combos. • 6-10” height and 8-12” spread

    11. Look Familiar?

    12. New Proven Winner Salvia Varieties • “Playin’ the Blues” • Rename from Proven Selection’s Mystic Spires • “Ablazin” Series • New genus for Proven Winners • Two colors in series: • Ablazin Purple-bright purple • Ablazin Tabasco-bright red

    13. Key Points: Heucherella Leapfrog Bright chartreuse yellow leaves with a prominent burgundy center in spring. Ivory bottlebrush flowers in late spring. Zones 4-9. Full sun to full shade. Foliage height: 10-12”; flower height: 24”

    14. Baptisia Decadence Vanilla Cream Key Points: Naturally short, compact, well branched habit; fits easily into urban gardens. Foliage emerges with a bronze cast in spring, maturing to grey-green. Pastel yellow buds and creamy vanilla flowers from late spring to early summer. Full sun to light shade. 2 1/2’ – 3’ height; 3-3 ½’ spread.