Lecture no 23: Asset management
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Lecture no 23: Asset management. TDT4285 Planlegging og drift av IT-systemer Spring 2010 Anders Christensen, IDI. Given an invoice. Revision – how was the money spent? Documentation – show that the equipment is your own. Auditor Economy. Invoice. Equipment. Theft Reuse Warranty.

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Lecture no 23: Asset management

TDT4285 Planlegging og drift av IT-systemer

Spring 2010

Anders Christensen, IDI

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Given an invoice
Given an invoice ...

  • Revision – how was the money spent?

  • Documentation – show that the equipment is your own.








TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst


  • Which equipment is specified on an invoice?

  • Where is all the equipment?

  • Which equipment has been repaired?

  • What is the expected life-time of equipment?

  • What is currently lent out/under repair?

  • Who is responsible for which equipment?

  • Which equipment is not in use?

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Lifetime cycle for equipment
Lifetime cycle for equipment










Phase out

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Means to maintain overview
Means to maintain overview

  • Network card – from switches

  • Bar codes – on all units

  • Serial numbers – for all components

  • Acid/hot iron marks – against theft

  • Inventory – automatically collected

  • Databases – manually updated

  • Electronically – from RF etc

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Importent to know
Importent to know

  • What is the typically cost for different types of equipment (and users)?

  • What is the fault rate for types of equipment

  • How does this fault rate develop over time?

  • Which equipment can be reused?

  • How much of the equipment is overkill?

  • Do we have the right number of licenses?

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Total cost of ownership tco

Price over lifetime

Personnel costs

Purchase costs


Paper, ink, etc

HW upgrades

SW upgrades

Network costs

Server costs

Power and A/C


Adm overhead

Ergonomic costs

Building costs

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Examples of tco
Examples of TCO

  • Typical org: $7251 pr desktop pr year [Kauffman]

  • Highest: $12-15.000 pr year (analysts in finance and currency trade) [Kauffman]

  • NTNU NOK 8-12.000++ pr year

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst


Length of the warranty period?

Only relevant or all usage?

Who decides if it is a warranty?

Warranty vs production error

How do they respond to a report?

Who pays for transport

Replacement quipment?

On site warranty?








What happens if one

of this goes broke?



TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Decommissioning of equipment
Decommissioning of equipment

  • Selling equipment can be expensive!

    • Responsibility of warranty

    • Billing costs

    • Announcements

  • Computer equipment is special waste

    • Most equipment is marked!

    • Price: X per ton (?)

    • May contain sensitive data

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Storage of spare parts
Storage of spare parts

  • Everything going in or out must be registered

  • Remove all defect parts

  • Minimize the size of the storage

  • If old parts are put into the storage, they should be tested

  • Let the storage have a supreme dictator

  • Don’t let a spare part storage become a repacement for warranties.

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Information wrt to purchaces
Information wrt to purchaces

  • All contact with the user

  • Offers (perferably several)

  • Order (written)

  • Order confirmation – incl delivery date

  • Transport papers

  • Packing order – verify!

  • All serial numbers etc

  • Invoice

  • Repairs etc when in use.

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Do not forget

Mercantile keypoints


Extra costs


Sales tax (!)

Environment tax

Billing costs

Your reference no

Technical keypoints



Paper, ink etc



Empty media

Maint. agreements

... Do not forget ...

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Salesmen and other strange animals
Salesmen and other strange animals …

They will:

  • Exploit your courtesy

  • Make their own cost impenetrable

  • Put much energy into closing the sale

  • Often represent a long delivery chain

  • Always be willing to sell

  • Be dangerous if they change employer too often

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Trip wires inco terms

EXW – ex works

FCA – free carrier

FAS – free alongside ship

FOB – free on bord

CFR – cost and freight

CIF – cost, insurance and freight

CPT – cost paid to

CIP – cost and insurance paid to

DAF – delivered at frontier

DES – delivered ex ship

DEQ – delivered ex quai

DDU – delivered duty unpaid

DDP – delivered duty paid

Trip wires: INCO-terms

Where? Insurance? Transport? Responsibility?

Ownership? Risk?

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

Models for pc purchase
Models for PC purchase

Workst. / servers


Select one/two models

Select a product series

Whatever the user wants

Select a vendor that has a world-wide support

  • Subscribe to equipment from one producer

  • Buy prebuilt PCs with standard third part components.

  • Buy parts and build the PCs yourself

  • Buy PCs from whomever is the cheapest

  • Out-source

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst

How to make pricing impenetrable
How to make pricing impenetrable

  • Bundling of extra goods, like courses, support, training, installation etc

  • Extra costs for e.g. transport

  • Sales tax included or not?

  • Dragging out delivery ‘forever’

  • Non-existent advantages that you’ll never take advantage of anyway

  • Peculiar ways of paying

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst


  • Have a clear understanding of the conditions from the start

  • Have order in your papers

  • Demand proper support

  • If you send in or hand over anything … get a receipt

  • Time them and log it!

  • Know which equipment that is out-of-house (i.e. being serviced)

  • Escalate systematic faults

TDT4285 Planl&drift IT-syst