debating perspective
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Debating Perspective

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Debating Perspective . 8 lab – 3.2.4. Media Violence. What is Media Violence?

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debating perspective
Debating Perspective

8 lab – 3.2.4

media violence
Media Violence

What is Media Violence?

Media violence results primarily from television programs, but also from violent music, stories, sports and news stories, according to Iowa State University. The school notes that the National Television Violence Study defines violence as having three components: (a) intention to harm, (b) the physical nature of the harm and (c) the involvement of animate beings. Media violence includes depictions of physical force, threats and harmful consequences that occur as a result of unseen violent acts, which are labeled as violent depictions, credible threats, behavioral acts and harmful consequences.

"Violence is behavior that is abusive, threatening, or hurtful.  It may take a variety of forms, including physical, emotional, verbal or regulatory (restrictions, laws, rules) methods and abuses.” 

media violence examples
Media Violence examples


Tom and Jerry


After watching the videos, explain how each portrayed media violence.

media violence1
Media Violence

What are some examples of media in your lives that depict violent content (video games, film, news, etc...)?

What is your opinion and/or objections to media violence?

What objections do your parents, guardians, and/or teachers have?  Are they the same or different from their objections?  Why?

say what
Say What?!

Primetime television, one might argue, is very entertaining and does not have harmful effects on its viewers. What is your of opinion or objection to media violence? 

What objections do your parents, guardians, and/or teachers have towards media violence?  Are these viewpoints the same or do they differ from yours? Explain.

comparing perspectives
Comparing perspectives

You will read two articles regarding media violence. Complete the following steps while reading:

  • Place brackets around the author’s position
  • Circle three arguments used to support the position
  • Defend the author’s position (on your paper briefly explain why you agree with the author’s position)

You will complete this strategy for both articles!

day two media violence
Day two – Media Violence


What is media violence? Example.

Explain how this affects society.

What is your perspective of media violence?

media violence2
Media Violence

Now that you have read the articles on media violence, select one to represent your perspective

Complete the “Comparing Perspectives” organizer.


comparing perspectives activity
Comparing Perspectives Activity

Prepare a speech to address the author’s claim on media violence. Your speech must include:

  • Topic sentence addressing the claim
  • Three pieces of evidence for support (proper citation)
  • Addressing a groups(s) who would disagree with the claim
  • Response to two questions they might have (counterclaim)
  • Closing statement

Share your speech with the class. As a class we’ll work together to identify the claim, evidence and support provided.