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The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates PowerPoint Presentation
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The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates

The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates

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The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates

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  1. Knowing what information to relay, and relaying that information clearly and uniformly across all the vendors you are considering for your project will help you get the correct video production estimates and identify the one that offers best value.

  2. There is no way for you to compare costs and value offered by  different production companies if you tell them something along the lines of ‘We want a beautiful video.’ Beautiful video means different things to each production company, and the production companies will come back with numbers that vary widely. Confused and without any uniform parameters to gauge the companies you will be stuck in choosing a vendor because they offered the cheapest price, not necessarily because they offered the best value for your dollar.

  3. Below is an example of an email from a client that is out to get the best value for her dollar: ‘Hello, We are X, a financial brokerage firm in San Francisco. We are looking for a 2-minute corporate video that will live on several pages of our company site. The video is to communicate to prospect clients about a new financial product that we are launching this fall. This product will enable our clients to hedge their trading risks especially when the stock market is bearish. You can read more about the financial product at this link here. The video should be able to explain clearly the advantages of why trading this particular product will make more returns for our clients. There is no script or concept yet, but the video is to have the sleek, corporate feel of Bloomberg / CNBC. We know that our clients are looking to trade globally, so we would like to communicate visually the global reach that this product opens up to our clients. The concept has to be able to communicate this.

  4. We would also like the video to be a mix of live action and some motion graphics… not sure as of right now, you can advise on that. We would like to shoot the video here in California, but are open to other locations.  We would like to have the concept and storyboard finalized by the mid of next month, and the final video to be in seven weeks from now. Possible? The videos have to be translated into voice-overs in Mandarin, Spanish, French and Italian. Can you do that? An example of our previous corporate videos is in this link here. We would like this video to meet or exceed this standard of production. Our budget is X.

  5. Does this project and budget interest you? If yes, we would like to see examples of work that match the quality mentioned above, and we would like to hear about the creative direction that you would take if you were to produce the video. We would like for you to put together a proposal of concept that fits within that budget and timeline, and if we like your direction we’ll get in touch with you by the end of next week. Let me know if you have any questions?’

  6. This is email that producers receive in their coziest dreams. Producers see this and know that this is someone who knows how to communicate what they want, and will be a good client to work with, regardless of budget. This email communicates the quality the client expects by providing samples works that this new video will have to match. It also states the anticipated scope of work, the medium of communication for the videos, and the target audiences. The client company allows some creative freedom, while clearly stating the limits of that freedom by highlighting what the concept should do – communicate visually that their products opens unlimited access to global financial markets.

  7. She shares the known requirements, such as the foreign-language voice over, and those unknown, such as the use of motion graphics. She clearly states the budget, and wants samples that have been produced within similar budgets. This manager is not looking for cheap, but for the best dollar value. The production company can gauge its capabilities and know if this is a job that they are able to accomplish or not.

  8. As you can imagine, this manager will not have difficulty in finding a production company that offers her what she wants. Send us your email asking for video production estimates, we want to help.

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