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Theme 1 Setting the Scene

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Theme 1 Setting the Scene. Moscars Letter. We want to tell you about an exciting competition that begins in January 2014. The competition – which is called The Moscars - is open to all primary schools in Midlothian.

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We want to tell you about an exciting competition that begins in January 2014. The competition – which is called The Moscars- is open to all primary schools in Midlothian.

We know there is a huge amount of talent in Midlothian schools. Some pupils are good at singing, dancing or acting, while some pupils might be good at using technology such as computers and video cameras. Some are good at finding things out on the Internet and solving problems. Some pupils might be great at planning and organising things, whilst others can be clever at coming up with great new ideas.

Everyone in your class has special skills and talents. The question is . . . can you bring all these talents together for a special challenge? Well, the Moscars gives you the chance to show exactly what your class can do.


The Moscars challenges your class to make a short film lasting up to 10 minutes. Your film can take any form, for example, a drama, a documentary, an animation, a music video or a news story. There are lots of different kinds of films you could make. All you need is a good idea and to be willing to work together as a class to turn that idea into a great short film.

The completed films will form part of a Midlothian primary school film festival in May 2014.  This will be followed by a Moscars evening event in June with different awards being made for the best film, the best actor, the best story, the best camera work, and lots of other categories. Your school could be there at the Moscars ceremony picking up an award.


Here are some of the things you will be doing if your class takes part in the Moscars.

  • Writing a screenplay
  • Auditioning for parts in the film
  • Creating a production plan and making a storyboard
  • Filming the action and editing video
  • Creating a music score or soundtrack
  • The project will be launched in January 2014 and the project will run between January and March.  The Moscars Team here at Head Office will make sure that you will have the equipment you need to make the film. The only thing we won’t provide is the imagination required to make it happen - that part is totally up to you!