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Puberty. Hurlock, Developmental Psychology , 196-220. Short quiz on Puberty . Until they are sexually mature, children are known as ______ Who is the author of Historia Animalium ? The Latin word of “puberty” Rite of passage for Jewish boys: _____ Author of our textbook: ________

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Hurlock, Developmental Psychology, 196-220

short quiz on puberty
Short quiz on Puberty
  • Until they are sexually mature, children are known as ______
  • Who is the author of HistoriaAnimalium?
  • The Latin word of “puberty”
  • Rite of passage for Jewish boys: _____
  • Author of our textbook: ________

Choose from the following:

pubescents Socrates Aristotle

pubertaspubertis bar mitzvah

hannukkah Hurlock Sherlock

  • Is the period in the developmental span when the child changes from an asexual to a sexual being
  • Is derived from the Latin word pubertas which means “age of manhood” [sic, womanhood]
  • “You're Entering Puberty, Charlie Brown!” Please take down some notes on the changes that are going on with Charlie Brown
rites of passage
Rites of Passage
  • Primitive people: observe rites of passage, in recognition of the fact that, as their bodies change, children are emerging from childhood into maturity (from National Geographic)
  • After successfully passing the tests, they are granted the rights and privileges of adulthood and are expected to assume the responsibilities that accompany that state
characteristics of puberty
Characteristics of Puberty
  • Puberty is an overlapping period – encompasses the closing years if childhood and the beginning years of adolescence.


characteristics of puberty1
Characteristics of Puberty

2. Puberty is a short period – 2 years or less

- Girls tend to mature more rapidly than boys

characteristics of puberty2
Characteristics of Puberty

3. Puberty is divided into 3 stages

  • Prepubescent stage – secondary sex characteristics (organs not directly responsible for reproduction) begin to appear but the reproductive organs are not yet fully developed
  • Pubescent stage – sexual maturity appear, menarche in girls and nocturnal emissions in boys
  • Postpubescent stage - secondary sex characteristics become well developed and the sex organs begin to function in a mature manner
characteristics of puberty3
Characteristics of Puberty

4. Puberty is a time of rapid growth and change - “adolescent growth spurt”– may lead to confusion, to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity

characteristics of puberty4
Characteristics of Puberty

5. Puberty is negative phase (by Charlotte Buhler) – meaning, the individual takes an “anti” attitude toward life or seems to be losing some of the good qualities previously developed

causes of puberty

Growth of research of endocrinology

  • 5 years before children become sexually mature, there is a small excretion of the sex hormones in both boys and girls.
  • Close relationship between the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain, and the gonads or sex glands
  • Male gonads – testes
  • Female gonads - ovaries

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age of puberty

American culture girls – 50% 12.5 and 14.5 years

  • Boys – 14 and 16.5 years
  • Growth spurt – begins in girls between 8.5 and 11.5 years
  • Boys – 10.5 and 14.5
Age of Puberty
body changes at puberty
Body Changes at Puberty
  • Changes in body size (weight –because of muscles and bone tissues)
  • Changes in body proportions – nose, feet, hands, hips, shoulders, legs, arms
  • The development of the primary sex characteristics – male – testes – mature; testes – fully developed (20-22 yrs); female – ovaries will stop in the late 40s or early 50s
  • Development of secondary sex characteristics – hair, skin, glands, muscles, voice, breast knots for boys; hips, hair, skin, glands, muscles, voice for girls
effects of puberty changes
Effects of Puberty Changes
  • Physical wellbeing – fatigue, listlessness, headaches, backache, cramps, abdominal pain, swelling of legs and ankles, depression, “sickly age”
  • On attitude and behavior – girls are more seriously affected than boys (page 206
common effects of puberty changes on attitudes and behavior
Common effects of puberty changes on attitudes and behavior
  • Desire for isolation
  • Boredom
  • Incoordination
  • Social antagonism (uncooperative, antagonistic, disagreeable)
  • Heightened emotionality (moodiness, sulkiness, temper outbursts, irritability
  • Loss of self-confidence – due to lowered physical resistance and partly to the constant criticism of adults and peers
  • Excessive modesty – for fear that others will notice these changes and comment on them unfavorably
common concerns about normalcy during puberty
Common Concerns about Normalcy during Puberty


  • Nocturnal emissions – semen – normal; boys need to be told so they will be prepared
  • Secondary sex characteristics – voice, muscles
  • Lack of interest in girls – not yet


  • The menarche – some may have traumatic experience “bleed to death”
  • Secondary sex characteristics – breasts, hips, hair
  • Lack of sex appeal – many girls worry if they are unable to attract the attention of boys
concerns of boys and girls
Concerns of Boys and Girls
  • Sex organs
  • Body disproportions
  • Awkwardness
  • Age of maturing – undeveloped bodies may cause embarrassment
  • Masturbation – for Christians, it is wrong (Ratcliff, 210).
group discussion
Group Discussion
  • Physical hazards
  • Psychological hazards
  • Unhappiness in Puberty
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