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Fall Rally Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall Rally Information

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Fall Rally Information
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Fall Rally Information

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  1. CNH KEY CLUB Fall Rally Information Presented by ErinnWong District Governor | CNH Executive Committee California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club International

  2. General Information FALL RALLY NORTH FALL RALLY SOUTH Saturday, October 29 Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom 10 AM-10:00 PM Rally at 11AM Saturday, November 19 Six Flags Magic Mountain 10:30 AM-6 PM Rally at 11:30/1:30/3:30

  3. DETAILS detailsDETAILS AUCTION WHAT IF… Have a representative to bid Random order Final money submissions Report backstage You bid more than you have You get bought • Spend 1 hour with the division who bought you • Document your time together with photos to put in your Distinguished Binder • Have fun!

  4. PREPARATION How Should I Prepare for Fall Rally? Purchase spirit items and have your members make a donation for them! • i.e. Thunder Sticks, Whistles, PomPoms, etc. • BEE Creative! Not everything needs to be store made. ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE. Fundraise for Pediatric Trauma Program! Create division cheers. Pump up the division.

  5. REMINDERS Fall Rally is the time to display So…GO ALL OUT… it is for a GREAT CAUSE! DIVISION SPIRIT

  6. Questions? ASK!

  7. BEElieve – the Magic of Service District Convention 2012 Updates

  8. Basics of District Convention 2012 Theme: BEElieve – the Magic of Service Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA Date: April 13th-15th, 2012

  9. Housing Options • Hyatt Regency – Connected to the Hotel • Hilton – Within walking distance • Marriot– Approx. 1 mi. from Convention Center; shuttle bus provided • Avatar – Approx. 1 mi. from Convention Center; shuttle bus provided

  10. General Improvement Ideas • An online registration - greener and reduces errors • Choice of Credit Card or Check • With an online registration, each club must print one copy for future reference • In-depth tutorial • Host a training session of Registration process for LTG’s so they can help their clubs

  11. DCON Financial Overview - Revenue Registration fee for each Key Club Member AND Advisor: Regular Registration $160 per person Late Registration $200 per person Total Registration Revenue $448,320 Hotel & City Rebates: Total Projected Rebates $ 76,435

  12. DCON Financial Overview - Expenses Meals: Saturday breakfast, lunch dinner, Sunday brunch, water service, advisor ice cream social Facility: Convention Center rental, Audio-Visual and Backdrop Extras: Awards, DJ, T-shirts, program, pins, ribbons, badges, ground transportation, speakers/entertainment Leadership Team: Housing & meals for Key Club Board, Kiwanis committee, and VIPs Administrative: Background checks, online registration, staff, postage, phone, audit fees, truck rental

  13. A Closer Look…

  14. DCON Financial Overview **Please remember to include hotel and transportation expenses in your overall estimate of Convention costs. TRANSPORTATION: Airfare Train Fare Bus Rental Van Private Auto (mileage) HOTEL: Approximately $160/night for 2 nights (Fri & Sat) = $320 Divide by 4 students = $80

  15. Old Board Dinner • Techmart-The Network Meeting Center • Place approx. a 5 minute walk down from the Convention Center. • Their rooms can hold up to 20-500 guests for special events, occasions, and meetings. • Served with a buffet style dinner with a theme + possible entertainment. • Winchester Mystery House • A mystery house about 15 minutes away by driving. • Garden facility can hold 100+ people. • A catered menu or buffet style in the gardens. • Tour of mansion + $19 • PLUS $10-$12 per person for bus transportation.

  16. Old Board Dinner • Roux Louisiana Kitchen • About a 20 minute drive from Convention. • Main dining room with 130 seats available for banquet. • The festive spirit, soulful jazz and bold flavors of New Orleans served in the menu. • PLUS $10-$12 per person for bus transportation. • City Beach Santa Clara • About a 10 minute drive from Convention. • Five Multi-Purpose Volleyball / Basketball Courts, billiards, foosball, air hockey, obstacle course, and more! • Themed catering with buffets or plated menus • PLUS $10-$12 per person for bus transportation.

  17. Ribbons at DCON 2012 • Each attendee will receive a ribbon saying “BEElieve – the Magic of Service” • Special ribbons will be given to workshop presenters, board members, advisors, delegates, SAAs, and Walk for Life • Please participate in the survey to help us choose the optional ribbons

  18. Ribbons Available to All Attendees • There will be about 10 ribbon choices available for each attendee • There will be 250-500 ribbons of each choice available • Attendees receive one ribbon for each $1 donation to PTP

  19. Examples of DCON 2011 Ribbons

  20. DCON SPECIAL SPEAKER • Patrick Maurer - Was past District Governor in Key Club - Retired at District Convention @ Santa Clara, CA

  21. Possible Alternative Activities • Board games – Donated to the District as of last year • Karaoke Machine • Video games – borrow/rent • DDR • Organized floor games • Service projects for PTP - making trauma dolls, etc. • Movies* - borrow/rent • Game tables* • Air hockey • Foosball • Pool table • Magic show • Open Mic • Improv shows

  22. Governor’s Ball DJ Choices • DJ Cinnaminh • Djcinnaminh.com • In the Mix Mobile Entertainment • Inthemixbayarea.com • Sugar Rhythm Dance Pro’s • Sugarrhythm.com


  24. Committee Secretary Taylor Le Alternative Activities Coordinator Doug BiProgram Coordinator Eric Cho Logo/T-Shirt Coordinator Vivian LuuGovernor’s Ball Coordinator Jordan Martinez OBD/I+V Coordinator TiannaNguyRegistration Coordinator Rita Phang Special Speakers Coordinator Jarren Santos Promotions Coordinator Nick Sianipar Ribbons & Buttons Coordinator Alyssa Yocom THANK YOU!

  25. Presented by Philip Nguyen and Taylor Le QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS?Go for it!

  26. C N H | K E Y C L U B Year-Long Recognition Presented by Sasha Spala Keagan Sakai-Kawada | Member Recognition Committee Resources Subcommittee Created by Kyle de la Cena, Lt Governor 42East & Johnny Cao-Nguyen, Lt. Governor 30 South MR

  27. C N H | K E Y C L U B Clubs of the Month • Recognizes clubs that work hard monthly • Information can be taken directly from the Division Report Forms • Posted on the Cyberkey for the members to see Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  28. C N H | K E Y C L U B Clubs of the Month • Information also reliant on club MRFs • Most Funds Raised • Most Funds Raised per member • Most Service Hours Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  29. C N H | K E Y C L U B Certificates Available for Use • Located on the CNH Cyberkey under “CNH Board” tab • Available for use by Lt. Governors and also by Club Presidents • Can be presented monthly or yearly Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  30. C N H | K E Y C L U B Certificates Available for Use • Introduce these to the division to show members that their work can be being recognized • These certificates can be used as incentives for a club and/or member to perform more service • Updated certificates will be posted by August 15. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  31. C N H | K E Y C L U B Member of the Month This award can be presented to a member who exemplifies the four core values while serving the community. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  32. C N H | K E Y C L U B Outstanding Officer This award can be given to an officer who went above and beyond his/her call of service. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  33. C N H | K E Y C L U B On Time Submissions This award can go to an individual who submitted the required documents to respective individuals. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  34. C N H | K E Y C L U B Most Funds Raised This award can go to the club that has raised the most funds, whether for service or for the club, in the division. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  35. C N H | K E Y C L U B B Most Service Hours This award can go to the club that has accumulated the most service hours in the division. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  36. C N H | K E Y C L U B Club of the Month This award can go to the club that has gone above and beyond in serving the community for a certain month. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  37. C N H | K E Y C L U B Club of the Year This award can go to the club that has shown excellence in service and in growth for the entire year. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  38. C N H | K E Y C L U B Other Examples to Recognize • Division Point System • Overall Club Excellence • Friendly competition between the clubs • Promotes more service within the division and club • Recognize in the division newsletter Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  39. C N H | K E Y C L U B Other Examples to Recognize • Division Spirit “Sticks” • Club Spirit • Overall Club Excellence • Friendly competition between the clubs • Promotes more service within the division and club • “Trophy” of their achievements for the month Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  40. C N H | K E Y C L U B Other Examples to Recognize • Newsletter Recognition • Recognize clubs or members who excelled in the division newsletter • Task for the DNE NOT the Lt. Governor • “Member of the Month” and/or “Officer of the month” • Use a page solely for recognition purposes • Promotes club and member activity! Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  41. C N H | K E Y C L U B Other Ways to Recognize • INCENTIVES! INCENTIVES! INCENTIVES! • DCM Incentives (Food!) • Club who performed the best can be the first to get food! • Free Giveaways! • Reward members/clubs with random freebies to promote member activity. Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  42. C N H | K E Y C L U B Questions? Comments? Concerns? Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  43. Contact Information: Member Recognition Chair & Mentor: Sasha Spala cnhkc.mr1112@gmail.com Mike Van Etten region10mve@gmail.com Lieutenant Governors: Johnny Cao-Nguyen d30s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Kyle de la Cena d42e.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Iris La d25w.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Feiyang Liu d07n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Elizabeth Lucero d46.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Mian Ong d19n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Keagan Sakai-Kawada d22.cnhkc.tg@gmail.com Aldrin Santamaria d28s.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Jocelyn Sy d15.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Nancy Wu d34n.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.com Resources Subcommittee Member Recognition

  44. C N H | K E Y C L U B 2011-2012 Recognition Program Contests & Awards Presented by Kyle de la Cena Jocelyn Sy | Member Recognition Committee Resources Subcommittee Created by Kyle de la Cena, Lt Governor 42East & Johnny Cao-Nguyen, Lt. Governor 30 South MR

  45. CNH | K E Y C L U B Types of Judging: Each contest is judged at the DIVISION, DISTRICT, or INTERNATIONAL level. • Judged at DIVISION Level: • Member of the Year • Club of the Year • Most Improved Club • Faculty Advisor of the Year • Kiwanis Advisor of the Year • Judged at DISTRICT Level: • Officer Contests • Sandy Nininger • Jack Luther Hall of Fame • Marvin J. Christiansen • Club Attire • Club Newsletter • District Project • Talent • Judged at INTERNATIONAL Level: • Club Poster • Club Video • Major Emphasis Program • Partners in Service • Prepared Oratory • Single Service • Year-in-Review • Advisor Recognition Program Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  46. CNH | K E Y C L U B Division Contests and Awards Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee

  47. Applicants should review the contest applications on the CNH Cyberkey. Applicants must compile and submit an E-Portfolio to their respective Lieutenant Governor in February (due date is determined by the Lieutenant Governor). The Lieutenant Governor will determine a committee that will judge the E-Portfolios. Results will be submitted to the District. The winning applications will receive and be recognized during District Convention. CNH | K E Y C L U B How division Contests Work: Member Recognition Resources Subcommittee