best homeopathic medication for all seasons n.
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Best Homeopathic Medication for All Seasons

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Best Homeopathic Medication for All Seasons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Best Homeopathic Medication for All Seasons winter/spring/summer, A Perfect Medication for All Types of Treatments in Homeopathy world.

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the shift in the climate also calls in for common

The shift in the climate also calls in for common for illness. Whether the climate is moving from summers to the rains or the winters to spring/summers our body gets susceptible to common acute illness such as fever, throat infection, cold, headache body pain, and cough. Best Homeopathic Medication for All Seasons Rains may cause infections of the stomach such as diarrhea, stomach pains, lose motions etc. Here are some acute illnesses which are seasonal.


  • One may get fever because of internal or external factors. For those who have fever below 102°F the condition may not be quite dangerous but when it comes to children especially infants the condition is not good. Depending on different symptoms Aconite may be useful – symptoms are feeling thirsty, fever is high at night and the cause was exposure to cold breeze, anxiety and the patient gets relief when breathes in open air or sits up.
cold and cough an individual would get cold

Cold and Cough:

An individual would get cold because the body is trying to defend itself and get rid of irritants and mucus. Homeopathy would help in supporting the immune system of the body and relieve you of the cough. There are different types of cough and the medicine for them would differ.

Antimonium tart is for someone suffering with lose rattling cough with the same rattling sound while breathing accompanied with running out of breath.

dysentery change in season especially when rains


  • Change in season especially when rains come in also call in for dysentery. Patients suffer from body pain, loose stool with mucus or blood.
  • Nux Vomica is helpful for patients who are suffering because of contaminated food. They pass stools frequently in less quantity which they get after shooting pain in the abdomen. The pain subsides as they pass stool.
  • The above are some homeopathic medicines which are meant for seasonal ailments.
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