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All About the Seasons PowerPoint Presentation
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All About the Seasons

All About the Seasons

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All About the Seasons

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  1. All About the Seasons Extra Practice & Review Click Here to Begin By: Elizabeth Walker

  2. Target Audience/ Learner Description Kindergarten-1st graders Middle Class/ Urban Community Children who may need a little extra review about what has been discussed in class.

  3. Learning Environment • Multiple Learning Environments • Individual with teacher supervision • At home with parent or sibling • Group activity in classroom using a big screen to show the activity • Need computer access for all environments

  4. Objective Given descriptions about the weather, time of year, and sights and sounds of the seasons, the students should be able to identify a season with 100% accuracy.

  5. Orientation Now that we have learned about the four seasons and have read, Tell Me A Season, this interactive activity will help you understand more if you are having problems. There will be a little quiz at the end to test you knowledge. Have fun learning!

  6. Motivation Students will be motivated by being able to accurately label the daily calendar by putting the date, weather, and season.

  7. All About the Seasons Quiz Now! Spring Fall Summer Winter

  8. Spring Time of Year Weather Sights & Sounds

  9. Spring Weather Cool Temperature, but warming up Rainy, plants, and flowers start to re-grow Sun rises early in the morning Windy outside

  10. Spring Sights & Sounds Birds building nests Spring flowers start to appear and greener grass Birds chirping Umbrellas and rain boots

  11. Spring Time of Year Spring is the season after winter Spring months: March, April, and May Think: April Showers, bring May Flowers

  12. Summer Time of Year Weather Sights & Sounds

  13. Summer Sights & Sounds Children playing outside more Swimming pools Farmers out growing crops Vacation Tourists

  14. Summer Time of Year Summer is the season after Spring Summer Months: June, July, and August Think: School is out, Summer is in!

  15. Summer Weather Warm and hot temperatures Sun is out and shining Flowers grow even more & so do crops

  16. Fall Weather Time of Year Sights & Sounds

  17. Fall Time of Year Fall is the season after Summer Fall months: September, November, and December Think: Colorful trees, and falling leaves

  18. Fall Weather Warm and sunny during day, but nights are colder Stronger winds and some rain Leaves on the trees are changing colors

  19. Fall Sights & Sounds Football Leaf piles and leaf blowers Crops being harvested School is back!

  20. Winter Weather Time of Year Sights & Sounds

  21. Winter Time of Year Winter is the season after Fall Winter months: December, January, and February Think: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  22. Winter Weather Very cold and chilly, so button up! Snow begins to fall Frost on cars Ice

  23. Winter Sights & Sounds Snowmen, Snow forts, and Snow angels Gloves and heavy coats Family holidays Geese flying south!

  24. Quiz Time For the quiz, look at the pictures on the screen. Then identify which season it shows! Let’s Go! I’m not ready!

  25. Quiz Pictures #1 A. Spring C. Winter B. Summer D. Fall

  26. Correct! C. Winter Great Job! Next Quiz Pictures

  27. Wrong Sorry, Try Again! *Hint* There is a hint if you need it Back to Question

  28. Hint Cold December, January, and February Walking in a _______ Wonderland Hats and gloves Back to Question

  29. Quiz Pictures #2 A. Fall C. Summer B. Winter D. Spring

  30. Correct! D. Spring Good Job! Next Quiz Pictures

  31. Wrong You can do it, Try Again! *Hint* There is a hint if you need it Back to Question

  32. Hint March, April, and May April Showers, Bring May flowers Umbrellas and rain Cool temperature, but warming up! Back to Question

  33. Quiz Pictures #3 A. Spring C. Summer B. Fall D. Winter

  34. Correct! C. Summer Keep it up! Next Quiz Pictures

  35. Wrong Keep Trying! *Hint* There is a hint if you need it Back to Question

  36. Hint June, July, and August Hot temperatures! School is out, ________ is in! Back to Question

  37. Quiz Pictures #4 A. Fall C. Winter B. Summer D. Spring

  38. Correct! A. Fall Awesome! All done, how did you do?

  39. Wrong Come on, give it another try! There is a hint if you need it *Hint* Back to Question

  40. Hint September, October, and November Colorful trees, & _______ leaves Different color leaves Back to Question

  41. Congrats! Good job! You have completed this activity. How well did you do? Now get up and enjoy the season!