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Ms. Shaw’s Class. Syllabus 2012-2013. A little about Me. I am from Miamisburg, Ohio I went to college at the University of Kentucky I have been teaching at EMS for 4 years I am currently in graduate school at Campbellsville University

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Ms shaw s class

Ms. Shaw’s Class



A little about me
A little about Me

I am from Miamisburg, Ohio

I went to college at the University of Kentucky

I have been teaching at EMS for 4 years

I am currently in graduate school at Campbellsville University

I live in Frankfort with my dog Elroy and two cats Matilda and Templeton

Content reinforcement
Content Reinforcement

My class will be dedicated to helping you in your Language Arts and Math classes.

If you need help understanding a topic or working on an assignment, we will do that in here together.

I can reteach anything that you do not understand and help you complete your assignments and homework

If you all are finished, we will continue to sharpen your basic skills and concepts that you may struggle with.


  • Be on time

    • In seat, materials on desk

  • Be prepared

    • Notebook, assignment, text book, pencil, homework

  • Be a polite and positive participant

    • Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.

  • Be productive

    • Work hard during class, and always do your best.


Students will be able to use the restroom between class change and are still responsible for coming to class on time and being prepared.

If the student is late they will receive a tardy. Three tardies will result in a lunch detention

Emergencies happen. Students will be given 1 bathroom pass per week to use during class time

If a medical issue requires more bathroom use, please let me know ahead of time.

Class work
Class Work

Every day the students will be expected to work and complete some sort of class work, whether it is class work or goal work.

If the student works for the entire class period and tries their best they will receive 10 points.

This grade is based upon effort and completion, not accuracy. If the student does not complete the work they will be deducted points.

Goal work
Goal work

Students will complete “Goal Work” when all assignments in class have been completed.

Goal work is based upon your academic goals set by your teachers and parents.

  • Completion: 1 pt per question for a total of 10 points

  • Accuracy: 1 pt per question for a total of 10 points

    *For every assignment that is worth 20 points the student will earn a sticker. Once their chart is completely full of stickers the student will receive a reward.


  • Class Dojo:Class Dojo is an interactive behavior tracking website. Each student receives an avatar and will be up on the SMART board every day. A point is earned from positive behaviors and a point is taken away due to a negative behavior. When a student has reached 25, 50, 75, and 100 points a reward is earned. When the entire class has reached 100 points there will be a large group reward. I am able to print off a weekly behavior report as well for your student to take home.

    • Positive Behaviors: Participation, Helping Others, Completed assignments, Great insight, Hard work, and Independent work.

    • Negative Behavior: Verbal Disruption, Late, No completed assignments, Disrespect to peers, Hands on others, Out of chair, Disrespect to teacher, and Not participating.


What do YOU want to work on?

  • Two Academic Goals

  • Two Personal Goals

Track your goals
Track your Goals

We will have monthly meetings to go over your goals.

You will be responsible for showing me your progress and talking about what you are going to do to work towards your goals.

Once we review your goals you are responsible for getting an adult signature. This can be a parent, family member over the age of 18 or a teacher.

This will be worth 50 points each meeting.

My message to you
My message to you…

I am really excited to have each and everyone of you in my class. If you follow my rules we will have a great time. If you choose to not follow my rules then we will hit some speed bumps in the process. I am here to help you in your academics along with day to day life. If you ever need extra help or someone to talk to I am here for you. I like to joke around and play music throughout class so please allow me to do so by behaving.

Remember…you are in control of your rewards and consequences. You hold the power to create and maintain the environment each class.