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TIER – before, now and after. If you do not talk this will be a very long hour because we can only repeat the same stuff for so long…. We are… I am …. Internet 2 wholly owned subsidiary also known as discarded entity Internet 2 Board member. InCommon Federation

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Tier before now and after

TIER – before, now and after

If you do not talk this will be a very long hour because we can only repeat the same stuff for so long…

We are i am
We are… I am …

  • Internet 2 wholly owned subsidiary also known as discarded entity

  • Internet 2 Board member

  • InCommonFederation

  • InCommon Steering Committee (Chair)

Internet 2
Internet 2

  • “Internet2 is an exceptional community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies.”

  • We all are Internet 2


  • InCommon is trust framework for U.S. education and research

    • Best practices/policies

      • Federation support (best practices)

      • Assurance (Shared practices - Bronze and beyond)

    • Mature consumable services

      • Certificates (Comodo)

      • MFA (Duo, SafeNet)

    • Community of participants

  • What in Common is NOT

    • Grouper, Shibboleth, MACE, COmanage …. and other Internet 2 efforts

    • CIFER … and other Kuali/Rice efforts

  • We all are InCommon

Incommon sc
InCommon SC

  • Klara Jelinkova, University of Chicago

  • Jack Suess, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Joel Cooper, Swarthmore College

  • Mark Crase, California State University System

  • Dennis Cromwell, Indiana University

  • Michael Gettes, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Chris Holmes, Baylor University

  • Susan Kelley, Yale University

  • Ken Klingenstein, Internet2 (ex officio)

  • John O'Keefe, Lafayette College

  • Dave Vernon, Cornell University

  • Melissa Woo, University of Oregon

  • Bill Yock, University of Washington

Incommon steering
InCommon Steering

  • Program Subcommittee

    • work closely with the TAC and the AAC to set up InCommon’s program priorities with measurable objectives

    • approved by the full Steering Committee in the first quarter of each year and forwarded to Internet 2 via the Steering Committee chair.

  • External Relations and Governance Subcommittee (ER&GS) - Draft Charter:

    • Assure that SC and InCommon activities (relationships) are consistent with its Charter and reflective of priorities expressed by InCommon Participants. Interfaces with the Member (Internet 2).

    • Oversees the nominations process and reviews InCommon Charter and SC ByLaws regularly suggesting updates to the full SC.

    • Works closely with the Member on organizational changes impacting InCommon(the TIER thing falls into here)

Incommon next steps
InCommon next steps

  • New clearer charter: InCommon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet 2

  • New clearer bylaws: Internet 2 runs InCommon; InCommonSteering is a Board that advises Internet 2 (just like our own BOTs do)

  • Better/streamlined processes for day-to-day operations: Internet 2 staff needs to run InCommon and get community feedback

  • Priority setting and communication: InCommon Steering program committee helps set priorities and advise on future plans

  • Work with Internet 2/InCommon staff to fulfill FY14 priorities and set FY15 priorities

Incommon priorities 2014 advance objective 2 increasing the value of incommon participation
InCommonPriorities 2014: Advance Objective 2 - Increasing the Value of InCommon Participation

  • Enhance access to a robust network of human resources

    • Develop strategy to expand affiliates program

  • Shape and influence Net+ service development with respect to identity

    • Guide pipeline of service opportunities based on membership input and feedback

  • Develop more mature, scalable, and resilient operations

    • Review and update DR policies and procedures

    • Enhance service desk offerings

    • Complete Internet2 ERP/CRM/Finance platform migration

    • Deploy SHA2 metadata aggregates

    • Expand InCommon Operations staff to appropriately resource strategic initiatives

  • Expand the portfolio of thirdparty services

    • Launch eduRoam

    • Launch Docusign

    • Develop a tagging and certification program for Sponsored Partners

  • Expand the portfolio of inhouseservices

    • Establish a managed IdP, complete with self service account management, audit and reporting capabilities

    • Implement an IdP of Last Resort ○

    • Pilot a Social2SAML Gateway service

    • Establish executive dashboards, reports, and analytics

Incommon goals 2014 meaning if we have time
InCommonGoals 2014(meaning - if we have time…)

  • OBJECTIVE1 SimplifytheProcessto FederateIdPsandSPs

    • Create more tools to aid with deployment and management of federating technology

      • Develop new GUIbasedconfiguration application

      • Deploy new IdP Discovery Interface

  • OBJECTIVE 4 Innovate ¨Influence¨ andLeadWhereitMatters

    • Support and encourage community engagement, communication, and collaboration

      • Sponsor and support Identity Week, CAMP, and ACAMP activities

      • Produce monthly IAM webinars and InCommon Affiliate webinars

    • Clearly articulate and promulgate the mission and value of InCommon

      • Develop and distribute more robust mission and value proposition materials

      • Develop and implement an updated community engagement plan

      • Launch an annual community survey

    • Actively engage with and support local campus IAM

      • Establish and support an IAM Directions affinity / CIFER Coordination group

  • OBJECTIVE 5 PutTrustandPrivacyintoIdentity

    • Enhance the certificate service offering

      • Complete deployment of InCommon IGTF Server CA for XSEDE

Csg survey what tier should be
CSG Survey - What TIER should be?

Core issues
Core issues

  • What services should be offered, at what cost and support level?

  • What software components should be developed? What should be the investment model?

  • Who gets to say?

  • Scope what is in/out?

  • Who gets to prioritize?

Tier next steps
TIER next steps

  • Set a TIER charter (governance structure, operating processes)

    • InC: Jelinkova (Zoppi group), Cooper, Holmes, Cromwell, Woo

    • Kuali: Denna (Zoppi group), Trosvig

    • Interested parties: Morooney, Futhey

    • Internet 2: Waggener

  • Figure out a funding model for the items unfunded on operating lines (see InCommon Futures Report)