knowledge management at cap gemini ernst young n.
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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young PowerPoint Presentation
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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. M9901013 黃崇亮 M9901102 羅烽瑞 M9901109 蔡景弘 M9901111 湯健平. OUTLINE. 1. Company Background. 2. Knowledge Management. 3. Question. Company Background. Core business areas of CGE&Y. Strategy Consulting. CGE&Y. Business Solution and

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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

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    1. Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young M9901013 黃崇亮 M9901102 羅烽瑞 M9901109 蔡景弘 M9901111 湯健平

    2. OUTLINE 1 Company Background 2 Knowledge Management 3 Question

    3. Company Background

    4. Core business areas of CGE&Y Strategy Consulting CGE&Y Business Solution and Systems Transformation Information Systems Management – via outsourcing contracts

    5. Knowledge Management

    6. Ernst & Young

    7. Organizational Structure CBI CBT Center forBusinessInnovation Center for Business Transformation Ernst & Young KM Organizational Structure Description of the contents CTE CBK Center forTechnologyEnablement Center for Business Knowledge

    8. CBI(Center for Business Innovation) The results diffused to all E&Y professionals, clients and other audiences, through articles, books and conferences. Provide a valuable future vision that made designing and implementing clients’ strategies easier. Lead the research & development of new innovative solutions related to business process, strategies, people and technology

    9. CBT(Center for Business Transformation) Concentrate on Reengineering processes, Knowledge Management, Information technologies, Organizational changes Virtual organization: 100 people from different parts of the world Structure knowledge into methodologies, techniques and automated tools that improved the speed and value of the services that consultants provided

    10. CTE(Center for Technology Enablement) Comprised a wide variety of services ranging from technology architecture to networking and technology management Technological division backed up and complemented the consultancy practice

    11. CBK(Center for Business Knowledge) Knowledge Managers(KM): the number of knowledge managers in these local CBK teams varied from one country to another.Actually managed, revised and maintained knowledge to satisfy the consultant’s local needs. *Knowledge navigation *Business research & Analysis *KM systems Adaptation & Deployment Centralized CBK: which was responsible for filtering documents and making them available for everyone in the organization

    12. Cap Gemini

    13. Knowledge Galaxy

    14. CGE&Y

    15. CGE&Y • Structures • CGE&Y’s Adjustment • Knowledge Infrastructure

    16. Question

    17. Question 1 • What problems do you anticipate in implementation of the KM strategy in two companies with different cultural backgrounds ,especially in CG?

    18. Question 2 • What would you say is the value proposition of the entity resulting from the merger? What role does it give to knowledge , learning and KM?

    19. Question 3 • What ’’key’’ success factors do you identify in the EY KM strategy? How would you ’’export’’ them to CG?

    20. Question 4 • What advice would you give on the CBK if you were Alberto Almansa? Would you renew the contract or would you do without it?

    21. Thank You!