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A Changing World

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A Changing World. Unit 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Pages 120-125. Objectives. Describe the aims, obstacles, and accomplishments of early explorers. Trace the routes of the explorers and identify the areas they claim. Review from Lesson 1.

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A Changing World

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a changing world

A Changing World

Unit 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 2

Pages 120-125

  • Describe the aims, obstacles, and accomplishments of early explorers.
  • Trace the routes of the explorers and identify the areas they claim.
review from lesson 1
Review from Lesson 1
  • Gutenberg spreads ideas by his invention of the Printing Press
  • Europe wants silk & spices from Asia
  • Prince Henry from Portugal created new technology: better navigation tools, mapmakers school, and new ships – caraval
  • Marco Polo wrote a book about Asia (known as the Indies to Europe)
review cont
Review Cont.
  • Europe, Asia, and Africa were thought to be the only continents
  • Leif Erikson – Viking from Norway went to North America in A.D. 1000
  • Christopher Columbus wanted to go to Asia by sailing WEST
  • Spain funded Columbus’ exploration
review vocab
Review Vocab:
  • Entrepreneurs – person who sets up and runs a business
  • Cost – effort made to achieve or gain something
  • Benefit – reward gained
  • Reconquista – movement to make Spain all Catholic
  • Empire – lands ruled by the nation that won control of them
  • Expedition – trip taken with the goal of exploration
  • Navigation – science of planning and following a trade route.
two worlds meet
Two Worlds Meet
  • 1492 – Columbus sets sail
  • Anchored off San Salvador
  • Columbus claimed the land for Spain
  • He thought he had reached India – why he called the Taino people Indians.
  • Taino people welcomed Columbus
  • He took back gold, animals, plants, and captured Taino
columbus returns
Columbus Returns
  • Treated like heroes
  • King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella saw the goods and paid for another expedition
  • New mission: Find more riches, start settlements, and convert people to the Catholic religion.
  • Columbus goes on 3 more expeditions
what does technology mean
What does technology mean?
  • Scientific knowledge and tools.
which european nation sponsored columbus s expedition across the atlantic ocean in 1492
Which European nation sponsored Columbus’s expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492?
  • Spain
what was the main reason columbus sailed west from europe
What was the main reason Columbus sailed west from Europe?
  • To find a more direct water route to Asia
what were three problems early european explorers faced that prince henry helped solve
What were three problems early European explorers faced that Prince Henry helped solve?
  • Poor maps
  • Need for better technology
  • Better ships
  • Also, needed money to pay for expeditions
what was christopher columbus s belief about the lands he reached in 1492
What was Christopher Columbus’s belief about the lands he reached in 1492?
  • He thought he had reached India.
why did columbus have to wait until after the reconquista to start his voyage
Why did Columbus have to wait until after the Reconquista to start his voyage?
  • Columbus need money from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to pay for his voyage. During the Reconquista, Spain had no extra money to spend on exploration because they were fighting to get Muslims out of their country.

Lesson 2

A Changing World

england explores
England Explores
  • Columbus returned 3 times to the new world
  • He always thought he had reached the Indies
  • He never found riches, but he proved it was possible to sail across the Atlantic
  • Several European rulers are inspired to explore
john cabot
John Cabot
  • An Italian Sailor
  • King Henry VII of England paid for his expedition hoping to compete for land and wealth
  • May 1497 set sail
  • Sails farther north than Columbus had
  • June 24 he goes ashore claiming the land for England
  • Cabot also believed he had reached the Indies
  • Today it is believed he landed in Newfoundland (Canada)
what was the aim of king henry vii when he paid for cabot s expedition
What was the aim of King Henry VII when he paid for Cabot’s expedition?
  • To help England compete for land and wealth.
amerigo vespucci
Amerigo Vespucci
  • Italian
  • Did not believe Columbus and Cabot landed in India
  • Set sail 1499 – landed just south of Columbus’ landing
  • Was always looking for signs that he had reached Asia
vespucci s new idea
Vespucci’s New Idea
  • Realized he, Columbus, and Cabot had found lands not yet known to Europeans.
  • Nothing he saw matched Marco Polo’s description
  • 1507 – Waldseemuller, German mapmaker, published a world map that included these lands
  • He named the lands America (these are the lands known today as South America)
vasco nunez de balboa
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
  • Spanish explorer
  • One of first to Settle in Americas
  • Had a farm on the island of Hispaniola
  • Became in debt and escaped to Columbia
  • Met up with survivors from a failed Spanish settlement
  • He helped them take land from Native American’s and started a settlement in today’s Panama.
balboa travels west
Balboa travels west
  • He continues to hear of a vast ocean west
  • 1513, he goes west across the Isthmus of Panama which connects North and South America
  • Isthumus – a narrow strip of land that connects two large land areas
  • Balboa reaches the Pacific Ocean, proving Vespucci’s idea of an unknown land
ferdinand magellan
Ferdinand Magellan
  • Portuguese explorer
  • 1519 – leaves Spain with 5 ships, 250 sailors
  • Sails around the southern tip of South America into the vast ocean Balboa had seen and named it the Pacific (means – peaceful)
magellan s long voyage
Magellan’s long voyage
  • Thought he could cross the Pacific in a few days
  • It took 3 months
  • Magellan was killed in a battle in the Philippine Islands
  • One ship returned to Spain in 1522
  • They were the first to sail around the world
land disputes
Land Disputes
  • Many explorations took place and several countries began claiming the same land
  • Portugal & Spain asked Catholic Church leaders to settle a disputed land case
  • A line was drawn on a map through the Atlantic Ocean
  • Portugal promised land east of the line
  • Spain promised land to the west
treaty of tordesillas
Treaty of Tordesillas
  • 1494 – signed the Treaty of Tordesillas
  • Treaty – an agreement between countries
  • The treaty moved the dividing line farther west
  • Portugal given the land that would become Brazil
The Kind of England sent this explorer to what was thought to be the Indies to compete for land and wealth?
  • Cabot
Explored the land htat connects the Americas and became the first Spanish explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean?
  • Balboa