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impact the world…
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  1. impactthe world…

  2. Impact… by impacting New England… 20% of the US population lives in the Northeast more of the world’s leaders are educated in New England than anywhere else on earth history demonstrates a direct relationship between the founding of theological schools and great movements of God in New England

  3. Impact… by helping nebc train students to have… The Mind of a Scholar The Heart of a Shepherd The Perseverance of a Soldier

  4. Impact… through our ministry programs… Our B.A. in Biblical Studies Church Planting/Entrepreneurial Leadership Pastoral Ministries Christian Education Creative Writing

  5. Impact… through our educational programs… Our B.A. in Education Elementary Education Secondary Education

  6. Impact… through our music programs… Our B.A. in Music Music Education Worship Leadership

  7. Impact… through our mentoring elements… shepherd groups on the job training in each field of study travel with a purpose

  8. Impact… through the nebc student life… in the student longue at the fitness center through intramural sports

  9. Impact… while enjoying local attractions… scenic hiking trails downtown scene day trips to many New England favorites

  10. consider… what others are saying… Imagine being in the most densely populated area of the United States, in the midst of the history of the Christian faith and its greatest periods of revivals in this land and getting excellent academic training and practical training for ministry both there and in strategic spots around the world. Sound too good to be true? It is absolutely true!  Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, VT is that place. Add to that a world-class faculty and experienced leaders in every area of ministry and you find yourself in one of the greatest educational opportunities in this nation!     No wonder their vision statement is to develop Christian leaders with the mind of a scholar, the heart of a shepherd and the perseverance of a soldier! ~ Jimmy Draper President Emeritus LifeWay Christian Resources

  11. consider… what others are saying… Northeastern Baptist College, located just minutes away from the sight of the famous Haystack Prayer Meeting that so profoundly influenced the ecclesiastical life of America and as far away as Asia, is the vision of educators, pastors, and supporters who believe that those young people who are people of faith deserve an institution of upper level instruction with standards that stretch the mind, the body, and the heart alike.   Committed to the principles of justice and morality that produce the spiritual fiber of the nation, NEBC will quickly gain the respect even of the secular community.  Students graduating from this bold new citadel will make their way into a world that they now understand and bring a message of hope and peace everywhere they serve.  Professors will be men and women of stature and accomplishment who will not only be scintillating lecturers, but also will have time to walk with students in constructive and guided dialogue.  Wish that I had several high school young people still at home.  I would send them to NEBC.   ~Paige Patterson, PhD, President Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,

  12. consider… what others are saying… Northeast Baptist College will provide a desperately needed avenue through which we can develop the new generation of leaders we need for New England.  By the time a young leader graduates from NEBC, they will have developed practical, field tested ministry skills under the supervision of a trained mentor.  They will also have had the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills which will allow them to serve bi-vocationally in a new church plant or on a church staff.  The excellent education they will receive will not only prepare them well for life, but will prepare them to be used as God’s instruments for kingdom expansion here in New England.  I can hardly wait to see what God will do with the first graduating class! ~Dr. Jim Wideman Executive Director-Treasurer Baptist Convention of New England

  13. consider… what others are saying… The Northeast is one of the least churched areas of America and Vermont is one of the least churched areas in the Northeast. Yet, God is at work in Vermont as new churches are started and small communities are transformed through the Gospel. I am excited that Northeastern Baptist College will be offering a BA in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Church Planting & Entrepreneurial Leadership. This course of study will uniquely prepare students to start churches while supporting their families through entrepreneurial activities that enhance ministry instead of distracting from it. This will allow Northeastern to fill in one of the “missing pieces” that is vitally needed for a revival to sweep across the Northeast once again. ~Dr. Terry Dorsett Director Green Mountain Baptist Association

  14. Impact… by partnering with us through… prayer construction teams giving

  15. Impact… by partnering with us through prayer… “…the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” ~James 5:16

  16. Impact… by partnering with us through construction teams… demo teams framing crews sheetrock hangers painters

  17. Impact… by partnering with us through giving… main campus remodeling library/chapel purchase & remodeling dorm purchase & remodeling nebc start-up fund

  18. Impact… by leaving a lasting legacy… If there was a way for you to bless your family, your church, and Northeastern Baptist College while leaving a legacy for Jesus Christ, would you be interested? Contact Tommy Oliver Vice President of Institutional Advancement

  19. Q & A impactthe world…

  20. Northeastern Baptist College 104 Kocher Drive Bennington, VT 603.219.0730 impactthe world…