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Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Activity Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Activity Report

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Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Activity Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Activity Report. VVCB Report to Board of Directors October 2013. Visitor Center. Income Sources. Visitor Services. Ventura Traffic The total number of visitors to the Visitors Center for 2013/14 Fiscal YTD is 8,080

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Presentation Transcript
ventura visitor convention bureau activity report
Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Activity Report

VVCB Report to Board of Directors

October 2013

visitor center
Visitor Center

Income Sources

Visitor Services

Ventura Traffic

The total number of visitors to the Visitors Center for 2013/14 Fiscal YTD is 8,080

Total number of visitors in September is 2,116

Top Visitors YTD Geographic Origins: (IN CENTER)


Canada, Germany, Australia & England

California by County

Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego & Orange

Out of State

Arizona, Texas, Nevada & Oregon

Amended sign-in log at Center to add email addresses. Through September we have obtained 237 addresses.

Completed “Ventura Intercepts Survey” to assist with branding and marketing efforts. Collected 41

November Board Meeting will end with Volunteer appreciation

Visitors Center will again be participating in Winter Wine Walk and be a tasting location

Volunteers & Staff rode the trolley to become more familiar with trolley operations. A tour of Ventura Harbor Village was also a part of the excursion.

Retail Sales/Income September

  • $1,138.81
  • Best Sellers – Wine Tours, Postcards, Beer Festival Tickets, Ventura Tote Bags, Ventura City Maps, Ventura Stickers, Ventura Magnets

Ticket Sales/Income September

  • Wine Tours - $2,805 ($396 to VVCB-13%)
  • Beer Festival - $3,640 ($234 to VVCB -7%)

Consignment Agreements/Income September

  • $455.74
  • Up to (17) vendors and promoting more items from local residents
  • Newest Consignment vendor – Harbor Wind & Kite
  • Sunny Oberto, a current consignment vendor is designing a “Ventura” 2014 calendar to be sold at the Visitors Center


  • Posted Ventura stickers on Social Media, sold 77!

Volunteer Base/Efforts

The volunteer base has more than doubled in the past 20 months. Volunteers participated in Intercept surveys for Branding/Identity effort

Consumer / Group Trade Shows & Conferences

  • LA Travel & Adventure ShowFebruary 8-9, 2014 10’ X 10’VVCB & our Partners

Long Beach, CA

  • MA attending Visit CA Outlook Forum in Pasadena Feb 5-7, 2014
  • Annie will be attending the TEAMS Tradeshow in Salt Lake City with VCLA on November 4-7.

Ventura Partners include Parks and Rec Department and Community Development as well as the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel.

Focus selling and promoting Ventura as a great destination for group sports and teams events.


“app vs web” question???

Advantages of a Mobile Website vs. Native Apps

goals are primarily related to marketing or public communications, a mobile website This is because a mobile website has a number of inherent advantages over apps, including broader accessibility, compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

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vvcb sales

Sales/ RFP

FAMs, Sales Missions, Tradeshows

Press FAMS:

2 ladies who work directly with DEVELOPMENT COUNSELLORS INTERNATIONAL through Visit California as member of their national public relations team.

focused mainly on the Ventura Harbor Village, Channel Islands National Park and Downtown Ventura.

Press FAM Oct. 12-14, focusing on a Channel Islands dive trip, the Ventura Harbor & accommodations at the Four Points Sheraton.

Kidabra KAX West Coast Entertainers Convention:

Collaborated work between us key local figures has resulted in Ventura booking this business.

Annie, Marlyss and Deputy Mayor Heitmann were invited by Steve Axtell to tour the Axtell Expressions Studios here in Ventura on Tuesday, September 24th.

A lot of work and team effort / partnership went into going through the bid process (we were competing with Embassy Suites in Oxnard) and this will hopefully be a progressive group with a yearly return.

  • September Sales Leads Sent: 2 Leads, with an average of 3 hotel nights and 179 Rooms.
  • Year to date Sales Leads: 9 Leads

Economic Impact YTD Leads Generated: $6,891,785

  • September YTD Sales Leads Confirmed Bookings:

(2) of (9) sent or 22.2%

Economic Impact YTD Leads Converted: $6,468,311

  • September (1,508) Attendees assisted with welcome packets of brochures and maps.
    • YTD (2,784)
  • September YTD Service Requests with group dining, offsite event space, group activity booking: (485)
  • A Client with Northrop Grumman Corp. used her Ventura Getaway package that she won at HSMAI Tradeshow. Stayed at our Marriott, a site tour of the meeting and event space & also a trip out to the Channel Islands. She was very pleased with her stay and was surprised by the meeting & event space the Marriott has.The goal of the FAM was to promote Ventura’s meeting space in hopes of bringing groups.

Public Relations

Print and Editorials

Find your Perfect Getaway in the Channel Islands- Palm Springs Newspaper

Trip Advisor Marketing to Phoenix & Dallas – one month in~0.16% average click through rate (that is double the industry average of 0.08%). Now is TOP 3 referrers for Website

Bakersfield campaign still getting a lot of traction/ 214 url links

LA Times campaign started 10.1.13, newsletters and one print ad

Circulating some samples

  • VCB Currently managing all PR requests and FAM trips
  • RFP would like to put out on streets Nov 1st- target start Jan 2014
  • LET’S MAKE A DEAL air date 10.8.13
  • Visit CA Newsletter submission of Winter Wine Walk
  • 48 HOURS day one~ blog posting
  • Scenic Hwy 1 Press Release/ collaboration with Harbor
    • Offer hotel Seasonal Hwy 1 rates



Streamlined all social media platforms for VisitVentura and to maximize our SEO

We are getting (5) stars on YELP! Take a peak!

FB Tabs have been added- for hotels, meetings and events- direct links to webpages

Facebook 18,340 Fans (391 new)

Pinterest 380 followers

Instagram 292 followers

Twitter 351 followers ( 59 new and 53% are male and 47% female)

  • Visits increased 22% over Sept 2012
  • Page views for all hotels pages were 3,918 in Sept 2013 ( up 15% Year over Year)
  • Domestic:
    • CA
    • AZ
    • TX
  • International:
    • UK
    • Canada
    • Germany
  • Extranet- will launch how-to videos
  • Newsletter template will complete by 10.16.13!
  • Added Value for Jack Rabbit $5000 adding mobile into existing contract
stakeholder community engagement

City Contract/Research Update:

Staff site inspection at Paradise Pantry & Ventura Harbor

Volunteer Outing on trolley to Ventura Harbor

November 6th doing an interview with Nancy Pedersen for CAPS on Best Day Foundation

September Sales & Marketing Meetings:

Ventura Branding Mtg (in partnership with DVP): Thursday, September 12th.

Sales lunch at the Crowne Plaza: Friday, September 13th.

Ventura Sports Committee Mtg: Monday, September 16th.

VCLA Tradeshow Team Meeting: Friday, September 20th.

  • Tentative date for Agenda item 12.9.13
  • Meeting with City Staff on Oct 15th to discuss outcome of research
  • We will share the City Research results and ask the task force to review and contribute for recommendations
  • MA meeting With Mayor Tracy
  • MA meeting With Mark Watkins
  • MA meeting with Neal Andrews
branding identity updates

Notes from 1st meeting

Meetings- we are making progress!

Goal- "wow, this is the best way we have ever said what we are". 

Visitors Center collected 41 intercepts

  • Ventura Branding Platform
  • Kick Off Meeting Notes: 9.12.13
  • On Branding
  • A brand is not the logo. It is the culmination of experiences and perceptions people have with Ventura.
  • A logo is a trigger mechanism for the underlying things that matter about the brand.
  • We are not trying to invent a new identity. This is not “we didn’t know we were that” but “wow, this is the best way we have ever said what we are before.”
  • Branding Ventura
  • There is a dichotomy between the historic space and an attempt to modernize.
  • Ventura has been so many things over the years (Rising Star, Ventucky, The Art City, The Real California) and now we need a singular vision.
  • We know we don’t want to be Santa Barbara, but what do we want to be?
  • We need glue- something everyone can buy into. All entities have to send the same message.
  • We need to prove to other entities that this mobilized effort has a real affect.
  • There is a concern about not having everyone at the table: how will we get the shared vision without everyone involved? How can we help sell this idea to other groups?
    • “DuPuis is experts that chose to be here in Ventura... they are more sophisticated then other firms that might otherwise be on this project.”
    • We will use the survey to get more input. Over 100 received!

Couple of highlights:

Online VG

199,062 visits in 3 months

National Geographic

528 Requests for VG in Sept

Average time spent on site is

2 minutes 45 seconds/ we are integrating FB and twitter into to increase this

Calendar of events

TOP page views of 12,766




Met with Gull Wings Children’s Museum about the possibility of coming to Ventura

Planning meeting with Chamber to engage members regarding BMX event

Meeting with Golf Courses to discuss cross promotion, drive green fees therefore helping city

Participation in City’s Economic Development Meeting

Full page ad for Seaside Highland games that Annie worked on

Doing social media

contest promoting

  • VCLA- working on tradeshows for upcoming Season, CalSAE and TEAMS are next up
    • Oxnard Airport grant 1st step awarded 2 more steps to go
  • Visit CA- 1 NTA pre or post Trade Show FAM.
  • Visit CA ad/ 2012/13 NEW 2013/14
staff engagement updates
Staff Engagement /updates


  • The Millennial generation is now larger than the Baby Boomers and find travel a necessary part of life. They look for a more meaningful, local feel when traveling. Things like an authentic, local experience and also social responsibility are very important in their travels. Of course the way they research travel destinations and make bookings is also very different than before.
  • Transactions generated via mobile online bookings — or booking a vacation via a phone or tablet — was expected to reach $26 billion in the U.S., said Neha Parikh, U.S. and Canada president and general manager with Expedia’s
    • For comparison, online travel vacations booked via mobile platforms in 2011 was only $2.6 billion and reached $8 billion in 2012.
    • That means experts believe tourists who use their iPhones, iPads, Android devices will increase by a staggering 225 percent next year.
  • 93% of travelers say on line reviews & opinions influenced their plans 56% of travelers accessed the internet through mobile

2014 Inspiration Guide

We are on the 4th round of drafts and getting closer to final approval

Office Space & Visitor Center:

VCLA has moved out

Plumbing issues resolved in restrooms- masonic dealing wit male restroom leak in wall

Ventura Harbor to ½ space

ROI Research:

Getting feedback~ not work the investment of 57K

Look at measurement tools on sales tax for City and TOT

Conferences/Training Programs:

Annie attending Azuza Pacific Pastor's Conference


Board & Advisory Board

Executive  Committee

Oscar Pena - Chairman (General  Manager, Ventura Port District)  

James D.  Ludwig - Past Chairman (Principal,  KL Associates)

Pat Seminario - Treasurer (General Manager, Marriott  Ventura Beach)

Victor Dollar - Secretary (Citizen at Large - General Manager Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Beach Resort) 


Michael Wagner - Restaurant/Owner/Operator 

Marcia  Rhodes - Citizen at Large (Road Scholar)

Barbara Quaid - Ventura County Fairgrounds (Chief  Executive Officer, Ventura County Fairgrounds)

Nancy Pedersen - Citizen at Large (Sunflowers on the Square)

Marie Lakin - Cultural  Affairs Commission Liaison

Cheryl  Heitmann - Downtown Ventura Organization Liaison

Carlos Cruz-Ampudia - Small Hotel/Motel/Operator (General  Manager, Best Western Plus, Inn of Ventura)

Myron Freedman - Citizen at Large (Executive Director Museum of Ventura County)

Ed Wehan - Parks & Recreation Commission Liaison

Advisory Board

Doug Wood, General Manager Crowne Plaza  Ventura Beach

Seana Sesma, Owner AceAna Promotions 

Norbert Tan, MBA, Executive Director, Ventura College Foundation

Chipper Bro Bell, Patagonia

Danny Saldana, Owner & General Manager, Anacapa Brewing Co.

Sureh Patel, General Manager, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson 

Douglas A. Halter

Ed Warren,  Busy Bee Café

  • Marlyss Auster, Executive Director
  • Hilda Kilpatrick, Office Manager
  • Michele Gilmour, Visitor Services Manager
  • Annie Campbell, Group Sales Manager
  • Donna Francis, Visitor Services
  • Suzanne Baird, Visitor Services
  • Diane Sweet, Visitor Services 

New Volunteers added to team since last month

  • Daniella Accardi Stroh, Volunteer