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Elements of Fiction & Non-fiction

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Elements of Fiction & Non-fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elements of Fiction & Non-fiction. What is Fiction?. Fiction works include made-up characters , and a made-up series of events, called the plot . Fictional writing is told (narrated) by a speaker called the narrator . Fiction is told from a certain perspective, or point of view .

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what is fiction
What is Fiction?
  • Fiction works include made-up characters, and a made-up series of events, called the plot.
  • Fictional writing is told (narrated) by a speaker called the narrator.
  • Fiction is told from a certain perspective, or point of view.
    • First-person point of view is the perspective of a character in the story.
    • Third-person point of view is the perspective of a narrator outside the story.
  • Works of fiction often include a theme, or message, about life.
types of fiction
Types of Fiction
  • Novels- long works of fiction.
    • Elements included- characters, plot, conflict, and setting.
    • In addition to the main plot a novel may contain one or more subplots, or independent related stories.
  • Novellas- shorter than novels but longer than short stories
  • ShortStories- brief works of fiction.
    • Same elements as novels and novellas but tend to focus on one main plot with a single conflict.
elements of nonfiction
Elements of Nonfiction
  • Nonfiction deals only with real people, events, or ideas.
  • Narrated from the point of view, or perspective, of the author, who is a real person.
  • Nonfiction presents facts or discusses concepts
  • It may reflect the historical context of the time period, including references to major social and cultural information.
types of nonfiction
Types of Nonfiction
  • Biographies- tell the story of someone’s life from the perspective of another writer
  • Autobiographies- tell the story of the author’s life and reflect the writer’s thoughts and feelings about events.
  • Letters- are written forms of communication from one person to another.
  • Journals & Diaries- records of daily events and writer’s thoughts & feelings about them. Can be private or public.
  • Essays & articles- brief written works about a specific topic. Purpose might be to explain, persuade, or inform.
  • Informational Texts- written documents such as textbooks, applications, instructions, and articles.